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  • you are watching steven universe good good this means i can send you my friend's ace attorney investigations 2/steven universe crossover oneshot at some point
    2 things 1) i didn't get an email notification for the most recent tqftl chapter and 2) may is the destroyer. don't ask me why or how or why i decided this is the case it is the Truth i'm on to you
    The Netflix original series Bloodline. I just binge-watched the last five episodes last night (something I don't usually do) and let me tell ya... If you love Breaking Bad you will love this. It is really, really good.
    If you're a fan of Hamilton, I highly recommend you check out Lin Manuel Miranda's first musical, In the Heights. It's also about immigrants (specifically Latino) and the music is spectacular (it's also rapped, much like Hamilton). It's also on Spotify if you're interested.
    Grah I meant to say so yesterday but completely forgot, so: Happy birthday! I hope it was a good one at home in addition to all the adorable presents you got online, haha.

    (P.S. write "Dave and Mia Discuss Fanfiction" (or RPF, or even specifically "Intro to Science 101"...) you know you want to, we have to go deeper)
    Happy birthday! I actually managed to get your giftfic up on time this year.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    oh important question about movie 8: sub or dub
    well since the answer is inevitably "sub" with pokemon the better question is: is the dub worthwhile enough
    i just want to let you know that i cried at your post on tumblr about aaron and lucario and i haven't even seen the movie

    maybe that's a sign i should do so?
    To be fair to that one spirituality website, though, the first definition of sprite is literally "a spirit."
    i only just noticed that scytherider, the author of my other favorite still ongoing pokemon fanfic, commented on the eleven years art

    is it just the gathering of people who make pokemon fic like jeez i did not expect to see that overlap

    (you totally care.)
    I do a lot of this type of thing for the NinSheetMusic forums, and someone requested this specific song and I was immediately like "YES I WILL TAKE IT I WILL DO IT". It has been great fun to do :o
    u can go through all the threads by going to one and hitting "next thread" or w/e but i can't do that to find everything
    (I did that with the entire introductions board to find turbo's lizards but never had success)

    anyway I'm only trying to remember my old posts because in 2 days i will have been a tcod member for 10 years
    i wish the archive on invisionfree tcodf was better so i could go find all my stupid posts from then that aren't in topics i made

    (also the mythical thread about turbo's lizards)
    FYI I'm probably not going to be available to play Undertale until... Friday, probably? I'll pop online if I've got time earlier, but yeah, it's going to be a busy week.
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