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  • I knoooooow all dat exp tho + evolution :(

    But still if Meursault's gone there's not much to do

    aaaand if I get both of them 3 exp (with lucky egg) on another single battle I'll reach the magical 8 EXP number so
    your challenge sounds amazing but I have no more slots hgnnnnn

    and Meursault is disappear so my battle with them is going nowhere hgnnnn


    Bad Amazing ideas:
    1. triples: Super Smile Mommy, Super Smile Tommy, and Super Smile Toffee vs. the other Super Smile Tommy, Super Smile Tommystoma, and Super Smile Tomato?!

    2. Super Smile Tommy's signature move: Super Smile. Super Smile Tommy lures her target closer with a Super Smile, then smothers them in a viscous Super Smile Tsunami™ of damp, icky goop. Makes contact. Because Super Smile Tommy's Super Smile is so Super, this move will never miss.

    Effects: The target of Super Smile receives the Damp ability and -2 speed, and the chance they have of activating Super Smile Tsunami™ is increased by w%, for 5 actions after Super Smile is used. In addition, if the target does not already have a signature attribute, they are considered to have the Super Smile Tsunami™ attribute for the duration of this attack. If the target is hit with a Water move doing more than a% final damage, the effects of Super Smile are nullified.

    (Super Smile Shimmy™? Super Smile Toffee™ the Swirlix. Super Smile Thingummy™ the... Porygon?)
    That would only work if you were commanding second, and you'd basically have to use up every action the Egg Bomb was commanded to prevent it, wasting them if it missed (presumably the Damp Pokemon would have to prep the dampness or whatever, like for Counter.)

    ...But imagine the scenario: A Mudkip blocks an Egg Bomb with a larger bomb, but the bomb is made out of water, but the bomb is actually folded out of paper because I think there's an origami base called waterbomb or something. Hilarity ensues?
    Maybe I'll try asking around, yeah. Actually having a Solar Power Charizard would be really cool.
    also why does the Novice Referee description say "rookie referee" when every other one uses the rank's actual name

    also also I kind of want to take your offer but I also don't want to shaft a less rich person out of $30 basically free, and who knows, maybe someone who already has a Charmander might get one from the promo and will accept my offer of a Damp Mudkip and some amount of money?

    (edit: that was a bad bun (bee bad bee pun))
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