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  • 1. cutest ghost!!!
    2. Darumaka (or Voltorb but Darumaka is cuter.) Do it
    3. I was thinking about reasons to keep Super Smile Thomasina, but Damp really isn't that useful >>(ノ_o_)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
    could, but won't

    also now I'm going to have to replace Jupiter of the Monkey with his HA counterpart and then all my TWEWY brand Pokémon will be out of order, good job >:C
    yes omg I love bulbasaur. I got my first in Y, and I fell in love with him immediately!! bubbie starter is best starter <3
    That's totally okay (and cool! :o)

    (question: is there, like, a special reason the Unova/Kalos starters aren't included in the promo?)

    edit: aw, it's a Mudkip. Super Smile Tommy has competition now, it seems!
    Haha, I was hoping Lucky Charm would be trapped in a Fissure-tomb of toys or something. Why isn't Thick Fat one of Swinub's normal abilities...
    I know, and I don't understand why I didn't just do that in April. I think a part of me was like a little puppy "I can do it! I'll still do it! Just in a few days~!!" and I didn't want to disappoint the puppy. :(
    Ho-ow-owly crap this is just such a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Literally every time I checked the ASB section I was just filled with guilt and shame and regret about that battle. I wanted to just say, sorry, I'm not ready to be a ref yet, I'm sorry, but every day it just got harder and harder. THANK YOU for this.
    also I was squinting at your commands in our battle and I thought you said "Lover Man (Olé! Olĕ!)" which made me laugh too
    The Irish translator doesn't have a translate-back option so I have no idea what Sluagh is saying half the time, but it's still great
    Uhhhh so after putting way too much thought into it and scrutinizing in-game N's Room to look at apparent toy sizes and consulting Kratos' and Keldeo's personal reffing scales (the only ones I know of that mention specific sizes for Minimize), I'm going to say it makes sense to me that it probably could after two Minimizes, but with just one it probably wouldn't be small enough.

    (Litwick is about a foot tall, and these toys look to be mostly building blocks plus a basketball and a train set, so Litwick would probably have to get down into the three-to-five inch range or smaller to squeeze in between the cracks, which seems to be approximately more consistent with two Minimizes than one based on Kratos' scale, at least, and would require more like three Minimizes on Keldeo's scale but that seems excessive to me.)
    also, some tournament questions relevant to my reffing: 1) is there a visible scoreboard listing the Pokemon's scores for each Mastery/health and energy totals (i.e. would a Pokemon be able to perceive and understand how much recoil it's taken) and 2) would a Pokemon being thrown into the path of its own attack count for Own Worst Enemy
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