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  • My question about Sleep Talk typing was with regards to the Elementalist mastery. Is "both" still the answer in that case? That seems a little bit overpowered.
    yes good

    (I'll contact Lilycolo and TTC about the thing, then)

    edit: commands sent, are you happy
    tag battle: tbh I'm not really sure what to do, I could get in touch with team 2 and see if they'd like to end it in a draw now if you'd like?

    activity: I think I'll be relinquishing your wall this time... I'll be around this busy through saturday and I hurt my (nondominant, thankfully) wrist today so typing is a bit of a chore. If it comes down to it I'll probably make an absence sheet post, but as it is now I think I can handle it. I'll try to get the status stuff done tonight, too.

    shinies: omg... will probably change some of mine back, though, since they hurt my eyes and I'm more used to the normal colorings

    re: gazette, yes good
    Quick question about the skill striker mastery: do you have to keep using different moves of base power 70 and under, or can you repeat moves and still get points for it?
    what i dont know what you mean its always been eldarach

    and for that matter i will never stop being amused when people mistakenly call you effie after my completely unrelatedly-named whale ;)
    Yeah, that sounds reasonable. Probably not much of the attack, but a bit of it.
    Super Smile Mommy Scares Boy in Daycare, a companion piece to "Super Smile Tommy Scares Woman on Ship"

    (the Super Smile Toffee one would make the best signature move - Super Smile Flying Sparkle Fart)

    (oh yeah also is my status scale close-ish enough to the official one to be alright under the new guidelines? Are you the person to be coming to with this?)

    (edit: aaaalso, note Kratos' absence sheet post re: my tournament battle)

    (edit 2: also also I didn't know you could make Pokemon shiny before?? glorious (edit 4: oh, it's a recent change. That explains the db maintenance page I got when I tried to look something up earlier, then. (edit 5: this would probably make more sense as separate VMs, but what's done is done, I guess)))

    (edit 3: also also also, please check out Superbird's question in the tournament battle I'm reffing if you haven't seen it yet. (edit 3.5: also also also also, I think we now rule each other's walls! ΣB| ))
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