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  • Hmm I guess you could give it Sachet to avoid Taunt and Encore, but then there's the problem of Ghost and Dark Pokemon, and every time you commanded first would be really easy to play around... If Meursault's changes to Telepathy get the okay, Hidden Ability Wynaut would be pretty great, though.

    idk I'm still waiting for a chance to use Moominpapa Vodkazot Jr., whose specs don't fit his one eye, but basically everything has one of Torment and Disable
    well, you have to pull yourself up on bars and such, which is.. kinda like a chin up, right??? I know the bar thing was Kinda Brutal but that's probably bc I forgot to let go and slammed my back into the bars the one time lmao

    we should go again around September maybe, when it isn't 40 degrees outside and 50 degrees inside?? but no wall jumping for you
    Oh, so the absolute value of net stat gains? Sure, if VM's all right with that.

    It's longer than my previous reffing at this point, which might be worrying...
    it is a mystery???? mystery

    (dude it's been like three weeks... you need to sit down for 48h and like. try to. not)
    (also sorry for not commanding and stuff, I want to get my reffings done first since I'll be busy next week)
    Heehee, no problem! After reffing a double battle, a rotation battle should be a piece of cake!
    OK! (And yeah, that makes sense. The command order thing, in that case, couldn't have had an impact on that battle, though, so I was less comfortable asking about it when I had already filled the Question Box up so much lately... but duly noted for the future!)
    wellllll according to the status thingy, I was last online like half an hour ago but I have no memory of this??? what
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