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  • Aha! "neon red and blue text, your diagram is great --Eifie, inimitable critic of diagrams"!!

    (no you're really funny all the time ;_; are humor role models a thing...)
    this is gonna get confusing now that we have like three lines of communication open oh no...

    ooh I like how... happy Ellie Black seems? she's just smiling and perfectly landing backflips omg. and holy crap Flavia Saraiva looks so young and she's so hardcore... yo gymnastics is cool I wanna learn to go hard on the balance beam. all these gymnastic videos are so legit like. yes good send more
    Also apparently Mystic Water is "A small phial of water purified by Suicune."

    Would that count as marking territory? I mean, Pokemon would use their innate abilities to draw their metaphorical lines in the not so metaphorical sand, right?

    If so, eww.
    I've read both, SDR2 through a piecemeal combination of danganronpa2mirror, kuzuhikomirror, and birdmanronpa on tumblr, and the wikia's summaries. I don't have the consoles for them, though. (it's also on my about btw) (wait, is this about the Sonya Nevermynd thing) (she's a SHSL Pryncess!)

    (also sorry for not editing the arena myself earlier! :c)

    (Not really relatedly, I remember reading something and thinking "wow, this character is basically Kuzuryuu, but in a good way" but now I've forgotten what work it was...)
    but I have pointy fur and bark.

    plus rabies, i didn't tell you before but bark. I mean bark. there are rabark.


    don't wanna go all professor birch on bark.
    Fixed, thanks... (also absense isn't a word)

    Hmm, so could we do Lover Man, Sonya, and Ralts thing versus Little Thief, Lucky Charm, and Tassorosso? (idk I just want to get ralts thing evolved)

    edit: also are chills banned under direct healing in the tournament? What type do they count as for elementalist? Do they count as moves for movepool master?
    I'd be alright with using anyone in my current active squad, really. Which cutes would you like to use?

    ...Haha, maybe I should rename my Wooper "Some Bittersweet Horn Attacks" or something
    Hey, would you like to start our battle of cutes now since we both have a free slot? (Rosmarinus Marie can devolve for the fight I guess)
    I'm OK with ending that battle with MF in a DQ. I kinda just want to free up a battle slot, most of mine are fairly slow moving right now. Do we know where MF is?
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