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  • oh shit I can't nickname for the life of me
    can I just give you many happy returns instead
    Hey Eifie! Great job with the battle of the unknown! I really like your style. Still, I designed this battle to be as interesting for the ref as it is already for the battlers, so feel free to introduce new species or effects from the arena as you please :) If you already have a machiavelical plan going on, ignore this and keep up the good work!
    ...Oh. So that's how you people do it. I'm too used to doing it manually, so I didn't think that you guys had implemented an automatic way to do it.
    It's already accessible, if a bit roundabout, but we can change the format of the second post so that both posts are linked to.
    I think it's because potential refs can just follow the quote link to the original post.
    They're so useful. A group of us got bored at a party so I spent half an hour just reading out names to everyone. It was the most entertaining thing we did all night.
    Also you indirectly introduced me to best cats, so I have a lot of respect for you stemming from that.
    No problemo. I am happy to change things in a reffing if it means being more fair. I'm just probably gonna try and plead my case at least a little bit :p
    :O you referenced my ref battle. I feel so praised. So speshul. Merci :D

    And then I realise I haven't reffed in two months

    Oh right. I didn't miss it, I just read it while I was at work and forgot to do it later. I'll get right to it!
    there are only like three things of significance west of UofT, lbr. and I?? feel like this is the kind of convo that should be moved to PM maybe but can we just say. it'd have to be in the afternoon, and not on tuesday
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