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  • I would want a herd of all the small cute Pokémon I never use enough in the games, just that I don't think I'd use the little 'mons enough here either ehehe.
    noooooo. how could you. *shakes head, rejoices in the imagined glory of a nearby Pokémon center and a fast recall beam*

    Injustice and worried conscience aside, I actually wonder if Pokémon enjoy ASB battle or game-style battle more. You know what I mean? More uses and more varied battles and deaths vs. (competitively) refined fighting and what I think are cleaner faints.
    I really did! :D although I'm left honestly wondering if Team Plasma has something there, I felt really bad for the knockouts... ahaha.
    psst hello again!
    I feel I should thank you for the behind-the-scenes work you did in my first battle so thank you kindly~
    So, in total, your Swablu ought to expend 6% energy from Safeguard by the time it runs out?
    On the first action for Safeguard: is it 1% energy to create and the 1% upkeep cost for that action? Or just 1% to create on the first action it's in effect and then you only pay the upkeep cost on the following action?
    yeah i dunno where 11 came from

    luckily you still die thanks to shiny stone so i'm not that incompetent /o/
    nah I think I'll make it plummet to its death instead

    (I totally forgot the Shiny Stone too herp)
    Considering these two rulings, what should I do? The first in particular would require a rollback of at least a round and for the Trainers to recommand if I were to try to correct it at this point.
    I think I'm just cycling through every possible anagram of eifie at this point
    OH I thought Battle Korrina was, like, because you had to battle Korrina for the Mega Evolution thing... idk, I'm bad at puns
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