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  • This time, okay, but in the future please keep on top of that. It's a real pain to redo everything.
    Haha, I don't know if I talk about needing evidence all that much. But ever since you put me in that category I have been mentally noting times where it seems true. Like I care more about arguments being respectful and able to actually go somewhere than the actual topic of the discussion itself.
    So what makes you say I'm a true neutral? (I'd be asking wherever you put me, tbh)

    You said you didn't even have to think about it!
    Thanks Nira ❤ It's one hundred percent okay if you're not comfortable offering input; I wasn't looking for help, mostly just writing my thoughts down.

    I'm doing better now, since my bf's been keeping me grounded and nothing really major has spawned here since Thursday.

    I think a huge part of the problem is that so much of my life I've been told that I didn't have stuff (my fave is the pediatrician who didn't diagnose with adhd when the test they did came up hella positive) and I've kinda internalized it. My parents have definitely been coming around more to the idea that maybe there's like an actual mental thing happening in my brain (shoutout to them talking to my former therapist about whether or not I have Asperger's syndrome and not telling me about it for like years, what), so that's helping too.
    k but same honestly i'm just trying to keep school out of my thoughts which is hard because i have to start summer reading for AP english SOMEday. also that's how my sister is, but to a lesser degree i guess? she's six years younger and super smart but more of the artistic type and everyone goes "lol u gonna skip grades like ur sister? :-)" and like ew

    hEy well i guess that could be a positive?? brightsides, man

    SIGH i hope so. i have a few people saying that they think he might just be screwing with me but that either way it isn't really on me to do anything now (since i've told him how i feel and he just ignored it while flirting bigtime w me??) so yeah i'm rolling w whatever happens

    mmmmmm okay i gotcha. yeah like i remember the eras associated here with each name but i never fully associated it w you kind of like how nobody's actually going to call me anything other than mewtini (and like my parents know my old username which inspired the series of name changes :^) )
    I have quite a decent amount. In particular, the ones I recommend Radical Remake, European Expeditions, American Adventures, Walking With Dinosaurs, Aves, Carnivora, Reptilia, Artiodactyla, Amphibia, and some others I forgot. Aurora Designs (the team behind Radical Remake), is releasing a Complete Collection of mods they have made, including some all-new stuff {I'm looking forward to the new campaigns they're adding).
    im not even gonna try to respond to that oh dear

    i feel that! apparently a lot of teachers think i look and talk like some other fave student who graduated last year so there's that going for me idek

    yeah, like if it weren't for the weird circumstances i wouldn't mind graduating early. but aw :((( mom pls???

    mainly my low self-esteem tbh

    SIDENOTE i just realized i don't know what to call you?? bc in my mind i was like, "yeah wow mohac" but also that takes me back to the Early Days and when it was weird and awkward and hilarious so heLP
    I know of Bangor! I haven't been there myself but I have heard that it's good. I can name about 7 Welsh universities off the top of my head and Bangor is among the top three. Although that's not saying much since the bottom three are awful. Of course whether it's good for you or not depends on what you plan on studying. There's a list here of ranked universities if you want. I'm not sure how accurate it is but you can also filter by subject. (I'd avoid Trinity Saint David. I spend a couple of days there and wasn't too impressed)
    Bangor is only a stone's throw away from LLanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch as well, so there's one reason to go there.

    I'm only learning vocabulary at the moment though, very slowly. I don't have much motivation for much else after work. I do find it funny when I retroactively recognise words from anime. "Wait, I've heard that word somewhere!"

    Maths is the most rigorous of subjects, after all. It's possible to use homework, just not long coursework usually.
    ...actually I think it was partially my mistake too! I thought I couldn't invite you, when I really could? Well you've been invited now! :D
    You don't live in America? I thought you lived in America! I thought that was why we has conversations about why you spelled certain things the British English way.

    I did not know that your girlfriend was Welsh or that you wanted to go to uni there! You can ask me anything if you want! I can't say for sure which universities are better than others but I could give you impressions if you want. Or I could teach you how to say certain words!

    I've heard a lot of people recommend Yotsuba&! I think it's a decent place to start because the main character is 5 so the words aren't too complex. But I'll have a better idea when I start reading it.
    I have all of my social networks set to Welsh if they allow it, but I know the language so it's not exactly difficult. I also switch my computer to Japanese when I want to type, but sometimes I forget to turんいtおff

    British schools are certainly more test-centric. I've never had homework count towards a final grade except for coursework. That is until I studied in America for a year, but I managed! But its also due to the fact that I studied mathematics - there aren't many extended projects you can do for that since it's not really an essay subject.
    Sure thing! :D It's not letting me invite you, though; it looks like you need to create a writing project first, and then make sure "opt out of cabin invitations" is unchecked!
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