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  • I hope so!

    I didn't know you were doing German. I kind of assumed in America the default foreign language was either French or Spanish depending on whether you're closer to Canada or Mexico. (Why should you be studying Welsh?)
    I have cone across Genki! I've, uh, "bought" the first book and I've had a look through it. I'm mostly getting my grammat the moment from Tae Kim, though. 4chan's /a/ have compiled quite an extensive guide on where to find self-study material. Progress is slow since I only have time to do grammar on weekends, but hopefully soon I can start trying to read Yotsuba&!. Maybe I should risk restarting Pokémon X or Alpha Sapphire and change its language.

    Even though exam time is stressful, for some reason I always find I reminisce about it. Do you have one exam per class or do some have multiple exams? And does your homework/attendance count towards your grade? For me almost all of my classes were 100% graded on the final exam.
    memeium rare (heL P)

    oh my GOD bless him he sounds amazing. also i saw your grr thread post and i actually just finished both AP calc classes if you need help i'm here yay

    that sucks ahhh. i could've graduated early but ehhhhh i don't wanna graduate earlier than i already will be

    yeah! but see idk if he actually likes her or not ??? he's been rejecting her advances since like 6th grade so idek
    or even a méme or perhaps a memé or a Meme

    i kinda want to take AP world but my school doesn't have it and i don't care enough to self study. AP gov is super super easy and i liked it a lot even though my teacher was a complete douche. also my school year actually just finished so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    i shall definitely let you know! i mean. yeah ofc it is. i've been clean for awhile actually so that's good at least, sorta. i'm officially a senior so hopefully i'll get out of here soonish (and don't worry about like sounding dumb or anything bc i too worry and i appreciate a good worrier)

    not really but that particular kid has very little understanding of. like. anything. my crush™ may actually like another girl despite having dropped many hints of liking mE so wtf is my life sigh sigh sigh
    alright fiiIiiIne that works

    "90% of the time i was a meme" has a phrase ever better described my life? the answer is No. also lowercase is awesome bc i can randomly capitalize things for Extra Cool Emphasis (help me)


    it's actually a sophomore class here :o it's super super easy tho. like, the ap test itself is basically akin to a 5th grade history class. i hear our ap english teacher is the same way and i'm scAred (yeah that's "a lot" for me too except i let my grades slip a bit this semester bc aforementioned random sadnesses so i have a B)

    yeah! i appreciate it a lot actually and plus you already count as a trusted individual to me so that's like. vv nice of you aaah. but yeah i know and i guess as far as things go the sh isn't terrible but still it's like ... yeah. it's also really bad bc my dad is still My Fucking Dad so it's just a 0/10 combination.

    i talked to this one senior about it a few months ago and he was like "i will help u smile!! i will support u yay!" and then one day he told me he didn't want to waste his time on me if i wasn't getting better and then i didn't talk to anyone (until recently when i talked to someone else about it and he eventually admitted i was pissing him off :-) :-) )

    but also my crush™ knows about it and has actually helped me through a couple of breakdowns so wowowow
    I've been fine. I still haven't been fired from my job for being useless, so that's a good sign.

    I've not really got up to much. I've been trying to self-study Japanese and I've somehow not given up yet (though progress is slow). I did go to a beginners' course late last year but all of the later courses are much more expensive so that's why I'm self-studying.

    What about you? Many other exams going on?
    nah maybe you're the winnercase and i'm the losercase

    yeah i know! but also i'm like ... incredibly lazy :( sigh. yeah! i either sound vv excited or vv harsh so idk. plus it looks smooth and lax and i secretly don't know how to capitalize anymore save me

    i think you were??? i don't 100% remember but i think you mentioned being in europe again. (but yes yay!)

    i had one class (ap gov) where we basically had 1 deadline the whole year and it didn't even matter and it was STRESSFUL but i deal with that better than absolute deadlines??


    "skylarpace" incredible invention are you a linguist????????

    ahhh well i appreciate that a lot!! my main issue is that i deal with things by talking but i also am frequently guilt ridden so i feel like garbage if i tell anyone anything combined w my insane trust issues wow oh wow. my coping mechanisms are really lacking so to be totally frank there's been a little self harm issue and ppl react to the revelation in many often terrible ways whoops

    oh yeah, absolutely. literally like every time i've gotten out of a shitty friendship (or at least realized the shit level of the friendship, jesus christ roomie) i've been like "Jesus Christ that was shit why did i think that was okay"

    also i was gonna post some sap about ~*~how much i've grown~*~ but immediately got distracted because THAT HAS BEEN LIKE FIVE YEARS WHAT
    also i would like to note that i am Very Glad you are out of pseudo-parasitic relationship
    "losercase" what are you trying to imply???? /s

    mine is out of laziness and a slight love of the ~aesthetic~ value. like, over text, my iphone autocapitalizes and i don't have the energy to tell it "pls no"

    yeah i saw the germany development! you were there last time we talked too, weren't you?

    public's been okay for the most part! i suck at deadlines tho. so. that's led to a few breakdowns. basically the main change that's happened since i was last seriously a tcodian is that i got hella depressed oops

    i actually took a year off in between but i'm quizzing now (ofc). i'm not quite as kickass as back then but that's more bc of a lack of motivation thing. basically i'm hoping that my 20th place without studying improves to a 10th place with tons n tons of studying
    oh man a loT um idk where to start actually

    i started typing all lowercase that's a thing um

    i'm in public school now ahaha so a lot of fun events have been connected to that
    I've posted some info in the Sign-up thread. Just thought you would be interested.
    Rosseaux's in. Could you describe the Sinnohi faith? Are they the ones who built the legendary golems and Snowpoint Temple, or am I getting the religions confused?
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