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  • i never kissed before sixteen So am I, and thanks!

    Holy shit, dude. My condolences. :( These pixels are pretty much the most I can do right now, but if you need anything, PM me.

    So what's her name?
    Like kissing a bit (not making out), holding hands, hugging, etc. Our school is Catholic and doesnt permit it, but it's hard to enforce because Puerto Ricans are touchy people by nature.

    Tell me more! :o
    It's been going pretty well. I haven't told my parents because they'll probably be super annoying (I'll tell them soon enough). The good thing is that my friends are super supportive (except maybe the fact we can get a little too touchy).
    I forgot to tell you! We're official! I asked her on Monday during a Forensics meeting (we were alone in the school) and she said yes!!! :OOO
    yeah! if you're going to tell me that I should do the mew trick and move the mew over to sun/moon - that's great, but it's not exactly confirmed whether they'll let non-event mews through pokemon bank.
    Augh I can't believe I forgot, happy birthday!! (Although it's probably not any more in your timezone, haha.) I hope you had a great day. Do you want anything in ASB? :o
    She is. If she weren't, I wouldn't have taken the plunge. I know her very well (her interests, a lot about her; we have a group chat, the three of us) including her past. I know what she did with her first ex (she's very experienced). That means i can take it a bit faster, but I still make sure she's okay with whatever I suggest.
    Okay sooo
    One of the girls that was part of the recon team is a close friend of mine and the best friend of the other one...

    So we both had various romantic failings and we helped each other through each one. Eventually the girls best friend is like "youre both thirsty, you should make out wuth her" and turns out she was actually interested

    We had the play the other day, too

    We kissed at a friends birthday party because we couldnt hold hormones/feelings back so we kissed quite a few times

    They weren't much, though, snd theres another birthday coming up (a much closer friend whos chill with us making out). Im planning on officially asking her to be my girlfriend then.
    One thing I'd suggest for the Secret Santa is that rather than assign people by pairs, you should make it so the person you're giving a gift to isn't the same person you're receiving a gift from. That way it stays secret who is giving gifts to who until the gifts are distributed.
    It seems you do. And it's actually very fun, especially logarithms and trigonometric functions.

    I don't think she's suspecting anything at the moment, though, but I have been talking to her more than usual, so yeah. Maybe, maybe not.
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