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  • well, it hasn't taken a hit yet?

    oh i should put that in the round end notes no?

    anyways thanks
    Thanks for that RNG thing.

    I didn't forget the damage cap- sub ignores it.

    I'm going to stick by my reffing, but negrek may object with how i reffed it.
    Hahaha, thanks! :v

    It was a spur-of-the-moment punny name change that no one seems to get yet. :<
    It's some kind of beer, but I find the commercial more hilarious than informational XD that dude is apparently "the most interesting man in the world" lol
    Wait wut? I mean, my avatar, sure, it's possible to miss, but on my profile, with the alpha transparency, it's quite clear. Unless you're using Bachuru style, which, although I loved it in comparison to the April Fool's one, has quite a few errors and broken links to pictures.

    Up your contrast if it isn't really clear on roar of time. When I make images like this, I add in all sorts of details that people may or may not notice. Let's see how many details you notice. Actually, I think I slipped in a reference in there...
    What is your signature referring to (No matter how deep the darkness gets...)?

    EDIT: No continuum with your conversation initiator 18 min. earlier (I didn't see the Notifications thing pop up XD)
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