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  • What do you think of the events happening in ASB? It must be pretty interesting, considering that you are obviously the true mew-clone here.

    (Hi! We never spoke that much, but.)
    Well, if you do get the chance, you should try them. There's a new one coming out in november.
    ssbb is a fun game. Link is pretty accurate, except he can't jump.
    Yes. Utterly new and fresh to the forums. I'm not quite sure why my introduction thread has so many views, either; I'm not that interesting.

    So, what's a colour guard? And why do I insist on putting unnecessary 'u's in everything?
    Good heavens, you're right! I didn't notice that before.

    I'm going to have to look in my Zorua box and see if I have any with a suitable nature. Again. It's like a total derpfest with me sometimes, I swear.
    So, I was looking through a few old threads in the Dachét GTS section, and I came across this old thread of yours. Modest Zoroa? I've been trying Adamant and Jolly Zorua. Is Modest really the best nature to go with in your experience?
    AAArGH. I tend to miss you by an hour. :/ stupid extracirriculars...
    Oh, that's too bad. I do live pretty far from you, though, so it's not surprising. Good luck!
    heyhey guess what? I got a tumblr that I do art on. :3 (it's askgallade.tumblr.com)
    Also, curious question - do you like The Legend of Zelda?
    aaaaa I'm sorry I missed this. I hope you're still on!

    ...Yep, I live near Goshen. Aw, thatms too bad. Goshen gives our soccer team a bit of trouble. They also compete in Science Olympiad (i think) but we beat them every year. And if you've heard of Concord High School (that's in goshen)... I hate concord. -_- We have a big sports rivalry with them. They also have a choir that competes too... that gives me a bit of trouble. (BTW, I go to Northridge High School, if you've ever heard of that.)
    I know right? i've been busy with school work and all that, so I'd like to be a lot more active too.

    Oh, you're in color guard? I have a lot of friends at school that are in that.

    So, how've you been lately?
    No, i need to know how to make the sign up sheet. Should there be an option for that? And yes, i'm in the mafia usergroup.
    hi! i'm trying to make a mafia game, but i dont know how to add the sign up sheet. Can you help me?
    You may not have been here when I proposed the idea, but I'm just finalizing the outline of a plot-ish thing for an RP based on Avatar: The Last Airbender. I need a couple of co-DMs, I was wondering if you'd like to be one.
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