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  • ... I'mma bored and Zolt ain't around to bug. :( And I've noticed we haven't spoken to each other since we became friends. :P

    So, I'll start...*ahem*... (a la Wigglytuff) Hiya! Want an apple?
    Yesh, erupting. o.o
    Doing that sprite was fun, had to fix the ears, do all this other stuff. :3
    Sure, I'll join. Espeon in my avatar? Will do as soon as possible. I'm on vacation, so it might take a while for me to find the time, but I'd love to. :D
    *sighs* I give up... you're either going to have to be able to download the full MSN Messenger (with permission), or figure out another way to solve this...
    Okay, now that's strange... I wonder, do you have a firewall or something? Or actually, what other browsers besides IE do you have? Do you have Firefox or Netscape or something else?
    Okay, what happens when you doubleclick on "Kali the Flygon? Does it try to open a new window, or maybe a new tab? Or is it a blocked popup, perhaps?
    Okay, well, I'm not quite familiar with using that, but do you see any tab in IE8 with your contacts list in it?
    Ok, lemme try, and also, take a screenshot and post it so I can see what it is.
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