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  • YOU ARE BACK I don't even care about anything else okay. I am just glad that you exist in this world and that YOUAREBACKOMGOMGOMG aaaaaaah and oh good luck at the science fair and on the tests and the drawing and the work and teh studies and yaaay! I have so many people I'm always thinking about, you included. Sometimes I litterally don't have time to think about other things ^w^; Oh and and holy rainbown!!! COOL and CONTACTS! I hope you get used to them 'cause it sounds like you really like 'em and that's cool :D (I could never wear contacts. My eyes look all weird and sunken without my glasses.) But yay ponies :DDD :DDD :DDD OH OH OH the new episode okay so uhm one thing I noticed and have been desperate to point out to someone is that Discord mentions that Laughter is his favorite Element of Harmony and also Pinkie Pie seems to be enjoyin' the chaos a bit more than seems... right. I'm thinking that maybe the EoH have more subtle differences than their previous appearencees have implied? but yeah!

    AND YAY I am so glad ;w; I was I was so worrried you don't even know.

    /Roundhouse kick into wherever yo uwant to go my deeear~

    Just remember that your brother doesnt' want you to be all sad and mopey I bet and that he wants you to have all sorts of happy stories about all of the fun you had between here and there ;w; not taht I don't completely understand. And happy almost birthday! Although... woah, you'z only 12? Not that that's a huge deal or anything (maturity is more important than age) it's just that I thought you were probably at least 14-15 OO; It's funny 'cause we established a long time ago that you were the big sisSTAR but um guess what, I'm actually older than you ^^; (but then, I don't think big sibling = older sibling makes much sense so it all works out?) But regardless I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY even wiffout your brover, 'cause i lurbes you. sisSTAR is here for you deary~ *holds you while you cry and does whatever possible to make the sad go away*

    And oh dear, I have not had pb+c in such an incredibly long time that I don't remember what it tastes like D: I'm not a huge peanut butter fan, but hey chocolate woah yay! /everything positive and lovely in the whole world times infinity

    But yeah, people think stuff like that doesn't affect them because "worst comes to worst" (going along their messed up logic) they'll know like maybe one gay person ever. But thinking about it logically it seems likely that most people will know at least a few trans* and queer people, not all of them fallin' perfectly into lables like "girl" or "gay" or whatever. But yeah. It does it does it does. Sometimes I actually litterally cannot deal with the fact that the people around me see me as a girl, and other times I just sort of forget that they do for a while. I think it sucks that people have to stay in the closet out of fear but I can completely understand why. It just. SUCKS. But hey, whatever you want to do just remember that you are who you aren't sick (at least not as far as your sexuality goes), you aren't wrong, you're just you <3 And YOU ROCK!
    Oh, it's fine! I knew something happened with you, but I wasn't sure what. Your computer broke, eh? That must suck. But I hope you get a new computer or something soon! Ah, 13th birthday! I'd be excited too if I were you. And yeah, I've made a lot of changes! Earth pony now instead of unicorn.
    Ah, it's your birthday soon? It's been a while since we've last spoken! How's it been, eh? (By the way, if you're still working on that pony picture, I changed my ponysona up a bit...)
    That is okay, do what you need to do my lovely sisSTAR!!! I miss you but it is okay because I'm good at waiting for the people I love to return to me. I'm like a doggy. DAWGY DAWGY DAWGY hehe but anyway. But but but but but but but GOOD LUCK (and happy almost birthday) (Oh and yes that one sentence was grammatically sound)

    but it's okay. i will wait for you ;n;
    Oh and also I forgot to mention this before but with all of the Hurricane Irene stuff I've been incredibly worried about you ;~; I know Florida didn't get hit as hard as other places but still!! So basically what I'm trying to say is PLEASE BE SAFE kthnxbai
    Chu don't haveta feel bad you silly little billy ashy!!!! i wish i could talk to you more too but i guess that's just how life is sometimes ;~; (you should use your free time to taked care of yerself though, that's what i fink) i wuv you sooooooo much (smuch, if you will) and i miss you and i hope that even though you're busy you're having the TIME OF YOUR LIFE DAMMIT

    <3<3<3<3 but but but but you're better then the rest so by golly i guess that means either we're equal or you're better than me, and i'm willing to wager it's the former and and and you are just AMAZING and PERFECT and WONDERFUL (the gratuitous rainbows are NECESSARY) buuut you is perfect and and and and and if anyone so much as makes you doubt that fact for a moment i am just. going to roundhouse kick them into last week so they're always a week behind you and then they can nevernever bother you everever again. and if it's yourself that makes you doubt that then i'm just gonna roundhouse kick your doubts and leave the rest of you intact okay okay good! And i'm glad the scenery was cool :D that always helps long car trips *nodnod* but I am so sorry you miss your brother ;n; (i miss my sister (biological lol) if it makes you feel any better? but i find finding out other people feel upset too when i'm upset just makes me feel worse and i don't want to make you feel worse or bad or anything other than amazing and and and and *shot*)

    YUS you are a GENIUS and i will be having toast with nutella on it would you like some? there is also butter and jam in the fridge and peanut butter in the cupboard if you don't like nutella. /everything we've said combined times like a zillion

    badadeedumdum thank you again <3<3<3~~~~ *itteh bitteh confetteh commiteh owned by dinneh and asheh getses a callzie fwom an itteh bitteh kitteh* <3

    (i appweciate that SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH I DON'T EVEN. it IS important but soo many people are all like "lol gay people are WRONG and trans* people are WRONG because they're ~actually gay in denail or something~" and even if they acknowledge binary trans peeps they're all like "lalalalalaicantHEARYOU" when you mention "oh hay there are these other genders and they're fabulous you should be aware they exist" :| But yeah. And yay for honesty! Most of my friends know my sexual orientation now (but only my boyfriend knows about my gender identity and he lives 43 miles away so). Coming out was a bit of a hair-pulling process but I got there without losing any friends so I hope you're as lucky as I was <3 but if you're uncomfortable you are under NO obligation to share that info. nobody has to know unless you want them to know! People always say honesty is the best policy but you need to look out for yourself tooooooooooo~! Oh and and and we have very similar sexual orientations owo (I lean towards male-id'd people romantically and female id'd people only physically, but stiiiiilll)) and here's a few extra close paren's in case i forgot any ))))))))))

    Oh and if you want to make rainbowy text too, use this~ (that rainbow text there is a link if you can't quite tell)

    (Also, did you know this forum has a character limit for how long these messages can be? ^^;;;)
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 w-w-w-ell umumum *blushblushblush* <3 You're even more amazing than I am though~!!! you're just perfect in every way adn aaaaaaaaaahhh and I really wish I could help fix your computer D: I'm so sorry. And D: Ohnoes D:D:D: I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SCENERY? i don't know. have fun? D:

    nonononono I will be having none of this, we missed each other more and that's final *nodnod* /everythingeverthatdoesntmakeyouuncomfortableoractuallyanythinglessthaneuphoric

    <3 <3 <3 thak you again so so so smuch <3 and you're welcome :D *so much confetteh, we could form the itteh bitteh confetteh comitteh :O*

    (awawa <3 frankly, if you accidently 'she' me I don't mind. And i really didn't go by 'sie' up until i changed my prefered pronoun to it here. And most people never become familliar with the term genderqueer >w<; And I'm rather effeminate, so that's what most people assume anyway :q so don't worry, big bowl of curry <3 But thank you so much ;w;)
    <3 <3 <3 (Good to know I am not alone at least :3) but yes ;w; and I'm not so powerful and i don't think i'm really that great but aaaaah~ <3 I missed communicating with the wonderful world of Ashton the lovely!! and taek your tiem so that everything works out to the vereh bestestest >w<;

    nonononono I am vereh vereh positive that it was I who missed you more /everyaffectionatethingicanthinkofthatdoesntmakeanyoneinvolvedfeeluncomfy

    Thank you ^^; And it's wonderful to here that you're doing well :DDDDD And good luck with schoool and stuff *confetti* I'm sure you'll do incredibly well and have a blast doing it ^0^ And um sie's not entirely comfy answering that question, so sorry vv;

    (also, for future reference, the possessive form is "hir". You can remember that because it's a lot like "her" but with an i instead of an e. Same with sie and she. sorry, I misread what you typed but I thought I'd leave this in because I wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR USING MY PRONOUNS you're literally the only person who doesn't "she" me that I've seen and it means SO VERY MUCH YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. i mean i realize im effeminate but i'm not a girl and stuff so..)
    Sure, no problem. I found out I'm getting it sunday. (I really want to check out the 3D Pokedex.)
    Well, I registered at school today. I'm actually getting a bit nervous, but I don't know why. Yeah, I found it does. It usually takes me an hour or two to do all of my homework for a day.
    <3 (well, when people disappear, Dinru tends to think the worst *nod nod* It's a quirk of hirs) But I'm so glad you're here homg ;w; And you're welcome! I hope so D: ITS SO LONELY IN MY LIKED POSTS, HAVING NOTHING RECENT FROM YOUUU D:

    No I missed you moreee ;n; /hugholdcuddlepouncesquishnuzzlelovegrabkisssqueezeglomp

    But I... I have been better (and I am much better with you being not-dead and stuff :D) but it is a personal issue and it will pass eventually ^^; How have you been lately, my dear Ashton?
    Oh, don't worry about it, I was just terrified that something had happened to you D: I'm so so sorry for your computer problems though ;~;

    I missed you tooooo ;n; *hugcuddlesnugglelove*
    Sure, I'd be glad to tell you. I'm very excited to use it myself, even.
    Well, it's not boring for me, but it does take long.
    Thank you. I can wait for replies, if needed, so I guess it's fine either way. Good night.
    Oh, good. I think I should familiarize myself with dsi satuff, I'm getting a 3ds this weekend.
    I'm going into sophmore year, (long story) so I've sadly come to hate homework. It has gotten really tedious and complicated. And don't worry, in my experience 6th and 7th grade aren't really all that different. Speaking of, I have to go to bed as I have registration tomorrow. Will you be on at all tomorrow?
    Oh, good. I think I should familiarize myself with dsi satuff, I'm getting a 3ds this weekend.
    I'm going into sophmore year, (long story) so I've sadly come to hate homework. It has gotten really tedious and complicated. Speaking of, I have to go to bed as I have registration tomorrow. Will you be on at all tomorrow?
    sent. hope you get it, i'm not too familiar with how the dsi works.
    i'm not so much nervous as upset. I want to see my friends again, but I don't want homework back. I've barely had two months of summer, for crying out loud.
    Er... I'll PM you about that.
    Yes, they were, if I remember correctly. It has been a while since we talked.
    In other news, I start school in a week. ugh.
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