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  • woof!

    Came back a while ago, had fun C: There was a cool thunderstorm and the view was amazing and we went swimming and afbasanjkl
    Only non-cool thing that happened was that my Guardian Signs save file got deleted (I have a backup copy from a while ago but now I gotta do a crapload of those wireless missions againnnn)

    I must get out of that habit D:

    Let's see...You said to call you Ashley before right :o? I shall start doing that as long as I'm not mistaken :D

    Pretty good! We're gonna go to this cottage we rented from some people we know this Friday, and although it isn't that far from where we live, the place is unfamiliar enough to be interesting to explore P:
    GUESS WHAT I HAVE GHOST TRICK missile is awesome.
    I haven't played much though I must play lots more ghost trick.
    (MEEP! I'm sorry! I needed to go so I'm sorry D:)

    ah :D SO CUTE! (and aww, I'm so sorry >: )

    ilu5!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!

    *puts on Equestria Girls* *boogie*

    It's alright, it's not like it's your fault. I'm sure we'll find some other way of contacting him.
    If I had a dawgy, it would be a missle-breed dawgy <3 (I'm a cat person though ^^;;)

    ilu 3!!!

    MARACAS :D (>o ^.^ )>o

    PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS: PRINCES CELESTIA (idk!) <333333333333333333333333333
    Well, we weren't able to leave because our flight got cancelled. =/ So I have no idea what's happening to my relative.
    oh my gosh <3

    aaaah sorry <3 ^^; ilu


    (horrayar <3 <3)

    PPPPPPPS: *my oh my what a wonderful day :D* <33333333333333333333333333333333333
    <3 lol YAAAAY~ I like it :D and combined with your new atavar it's just aaaah <3

    <3 Aww, you're welcome :) Any time ^^ I'm so glad I can make you happy, you don't even know <3


    (You too~ winnar sistars forevar <3)

    PPPPS: *glompity dodah, glompity ay* <3333333
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