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  • I do original stuff mostly, although I do have a Pokemon fic idea or two! And you've probably seen all my telegram posts but I'm starting to work on it again which is super exciting!

    Ah yes I know what you mean. There are so many cool things to do but it's so easy and fun to do other things like play video games :(

    Or play Mafia on chat haha. I maybe meant to do other things tonight but...
    For the most part it was things like laundry and dishes and cleaning, but I also finished a sewing project and sat down for (okay, for 20 minutes) to write my story (but 20 minutes totally counts, so!).

    Labyrinth was interesting. I may have liked it more as a kid (or maybe not because some of the puppets may have terrified me). I'm fascinated by mazes and optical illusions, and it touched on that a bit so that was cool!

    What kind of stuff is your version of productive? :O
    Ha, I'm doing that too. Right now I'm kind of torn between wishing I was more motivated and trying to be okay with being lazy :O I got a lot of stuff done this weekend though! Also I'm watching Labyrinth for the first time.
    It occurred to me that we've never really talked much before, and since we are fellow forumgoers - hello! How's it going?
    Good game! That's the first time that ability actually worked like I wanted it to, heh.
    I'm still at work myself, unfortunately... would this time tomorrow work for you?
    Hey you need to clear out some messages from your inbox! Can't send you an after-battle message :D
    So I'm not exactly familiar with IVs, and I'm unsure of how they work and what they actually do. How should I raise this Seedot?
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