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  • wow, thanks! i've been looking more and more into this recently and i'm not sure how all this EU withdrawal stuff affects it all but i'm really pushing to go to school in the uk either way. thanks a ton for your help, i'll look over all the links you sent me! i heard that it was close to LLanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch because my girlfriend's mum actually lived in Conwy so they were relatively close to both places.

    vocabulary really is the best place to start. grammar is easy enough to pin once you get into the swing of it; it's just like language maths. i swear i'd be fluent in german if only i knew more words! but it's german so you can usually just germanify an english word and get by. i like when i pick words out too, though. although i also think it's infinitely amusing when someone who speaks another language natively says something english. on german radio, they say all the song titles in english and it always makes me laugh for some reason. but their pronunciation is always very good!

    my teacher grades almost entirely on homework. i did my final, though! i got an A. but i had a C in the actual course so it balanced to a B. which isn't bad, i think! i'm a few years ahead in maths so i'm content with a B.
    i did briefly! i don't anymore, i haven't for about a year now. i still get marked down for using british english though... :(

    she is! well, her family is. not by descent, but they grew up there. her mother is fluent in welsh. basically my girlfriend wants to go back to wales for school and my plan is to go with her because it's shorter than the alternative, i get to be there with her, and also it's wales hell yeah. i actually have a specific school i'm looking at but god knows if i'll get in there. it seems a bit... stringent. i'll definitely let you know if i need help though, thank you so much! are there any resources you'd recommend?

    yeah, that's fair enough. children's manga/anime in general seems like a decent place to kick off. in fact, the pokémon anime might not be so bad, even! and there's the internet for the words you don't recognise. that seems like a very good way to learn. also yeah, keyboards are a pain. my phone has a german keyboard too and i accidentally hit the key that switches keyboards a lot and then end up inserting umlauts where they don't belong.

    jeez, that sounds... rigorous! but i suppose it does make sense with maths. it's that way in my maths classes but homework does count for a small part of the grade at least. i happen to test pretty well, but it seems like anyone with test anxiety would be kind of screwed over under that system.
    i don't live in america! i think it is mostly french or spanish though. although apparently mandarin is an option in some places? i don't know, it's weird. (i need to study welsh because my girlfriend's family is welsh and i'm trying to go to uni there but i guess we'll see. either way it's a particularly useful language for me to know at the moment and it can't hurt.)

    why is "bought" in quotations? did you do something illegal. tae kim looks really interesting and i'm going to check it out as soon as i get home, thanks for linking me that! yotsuba&! seems like a good place to start as well (i hear that manga/comics in general are great because you get visual cues as well), and so is restarting your pokémon game. this might seem weird but i set all my devices and social networks to german! it's actually helped a lot somehow. that might be a bit dangerous with something like japanese of course, but. it's an option.

    it's just one for class! homework counts, attendance doesn't. exams are about 30% at most, i'm really glad that they aren't 100%. that would be so stressful! did you go to british school or something? i hear they're really test-centric.
    take it as a cosmic reminder that you aren't useless as you seem to think!! apparently your employer found you industrious enough to be worth keeping around, that's certainly a good sign.

    ah, nice! i'm looking to start self-studying japanese too... after high school. gotta focus on all this german grammar first. (honestly i should be studying welsh but... it looks hard... i don't want to...) as far as japanese goes, i don't know if you've found a sound programme, but genki stood out to me and was recommended by not a few people! i'd suggest glossing it over if you haven't yet.

    yeah, i've got... quite a few. it's the last few weeks of school, so everyone's cramming right now. i've only finished one exam, and i have seven classes! it'll be fun. also my life is gradually becoming less and less internet which i think is a plus. i'm starting to talk to people (albeit unwillingly, but it's still happening) which i think is a good thing...!
    thank you!! that's super helpful. at the moment it's just exam review but i'll definitely let you know if i need help with anything. how's everything been going, by the way?
    Haha, I've experienced something similar to that a couple of times. It can be pretty disorientating.
    Hi Murkrow! I just wanted to let you know that I picked up your battle with Zapi, in case you hadn't seen.
    It appears that my luck in the ASB Halloween event is absolutely horrendous. No one has done even nearly as badly as I have. :P
    I have. I can't seem to decide on one.

    Also I'm so sorry, I replied to this but I guess it didn't go through and I didn't check to make sure afterward! That's my bad. But yeah you're basically right, it's pretty shitty but it's how things are and tips can be quite a bit more than what your wages would be otherwise so I'm not necessarily complaining.
    I've seen K-On! and its really cute :D Who was your favorite band member? I've always liked Yui^^ But they're all awesome XD
    That's fair, but hopefully you'll get the ropes soon enough. The best way to learn things is to just start doing them and have people walk you through if you get stuck! Of course if you go nuts with your experimenting or something your job performance might suffer, but. Hopefully you'll get the hang of it.

    America's pretty strange about tipping, but I think for the grocery store baggers it does make a little bit of sense. Baggers aren't really necessary (I bag my own stuff whenever I go), so the grocery store doesn't want to really shell out a salary for all of them. I always thought of it kind of like symbiosis.

    Heheh, yeah, fair enough. I might ask if it comes up in IRC, though.
    Pft. I'm sure it'll be all right, at any rate. And if not, can your coworkers give you a few pointers?

    Well, the only job that I'm certain is available to me at the moment is being a bagger at the grocery store, which is only for tips and probably isn't worth it. Aside from that, I may or may not be swamped with schoolwork soon so making a big commitment like that before I know how much time I'll have seems problematic.

    Huh, that's weird. I assumed it was because the infraction expired or something but that probably wouldn't make sense either. Maybe a mod knows, I'll have to ask.
    Oh, that's definitely good! What are you doing, specifically? (I'm yet to have a job. I was going to work in fast-food or something but ??? I'm fifteen why do I need money.)

    Yeah, that's what it looks like. I think it was just a total shitpost so I got rid of it after it was infracted or something. It doesn't look like it was from uv, though! Also I have an infraction that says "Private," do you have any idea what that is.
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