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  • Okey-dokey. :D You make sure to tell me if it works!

    (Link whenever possible. :D)

    I'll take a look ASAP. :D
    I see. So, it's larger than 120x120, eh? I guess you could try resizing it, right? Iaza.com is vert good when it comes to resizing. I use Iaza all the time!

    ...Speaking of Iaza, that Pokémon you wanted as your avatar, Kirikizan, can be found with an animated sprite on a website, right? If so, just copy the Link, go to Iaza and paste the link, then resize it and copy Iaza's link as your avatar. Be warned that Iaza takes down all images after 90 days.

    That should work. I can't check right now, seeing as I'm on my DSi at the moment. But if it does work, then that'll be good. :D

    Ooh, what's the band called? :D

    (I'll do my very best. Mewtwo and I pretty much never talk, so I doubt she'd go on my profile and see the message. :3)
    Oh. That stinks. :/ I wish I could help you find a way to make them your avatar. :/ What else have you tried?

    Ahahah! :D
    I'm not exactly sure if this has been answered before...but I saw your signature, and can't you just right-click them and save them under a GIF file? That's how I usually do it.

    Oh, and I'd like to apologize for pairing up you and Mewtwo. D: I'm sorry.
    Yeah, some of the gifs are too big in filesize. :/ I found them in this LJ entry. This person has another entry with more sprites from a couple days before that one, if you missed the link in the B/W thread. Here's a full directory of all of her sprites and here is Kirikizan. If you wanted a still picture of Kiri (I read your conversation with Mawile because I am totally not a creeper), Veekun has all of the still sprites.
    *catches book, throws in incinertaor, pushes RTB after it.*

    What? I can't hear you over the sound of your screaming!
    Yeah, Platinum is a much better improvement from D/P. The only reason I play the latter games is too get Pokemon I can't in Pt or HGSS... ^^

    Barry is awesome, but Silver is better in my opinion!
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