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  • Ah, hello there! Colorado's nice... It's just Boulder (where I am right now) is the first city I've lived in for an extended period that has a population under 1 million. It's a bit... boring.

    No, I'm not Swedish. I'm actually Hungarian-Romanian, but I feel much closer to Germany (my birthplace). And now I'm living in Colorado :P

    Anyway, that is the most common Germanic spelling. And, you know, Swedish is a Germanic language.
    XD It's alright! Do I act that age? The ages here vary a lot, there's Indigo/Mewtini that's actually 10 :3 I think they arre too, too full of drama .-. Especially today. :c

    I read the manga :3 /says the girl who loves anything with animals\ xD I tend to watch anime sometimes, and I love reading. And I love doing the RP's here, especially the current most active one ^^ Also, music is like the most wonderful thing ever *u* (Like...Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, Rise Against, Disturbed...*is shot*)

    From that anime that just ended xD My name (Silver) comes from an RP I did a while ago, 2008 maybe? And from then on I just added things to it xD
    XD I haven't seen you on that much, no.

    *puts up flashing Easter banner all over the ceiling*
    My house is fairly new. I once investigated a good friend of mines though. It was a quiet night until I got a random cut on my elbow. It was odd since there was nothing sharp nearby. There isn't a specific type of recorder that is better than any other. use what's in your price range. If you're curious about doing a in-home investigation there are ways to do so.

    My research recently has a lot to do with isolation sessions and the psychological effects that happen during a particularly "creepy" investigation. How your mind makes it's own shadows and whatnot. Also "provoking" which is my favorite.

    Feel free to PM me I tend to get long winded. lol.

    Welcome (laaate) to TCoD! I'm Mewtini, or currently Indigo, but you can call me either. Have a nice stayyyy~
    I ghost hunt. I don't believe they are spirits, but whatever they are I want to find out. I don't go crazy over UFO's or over monsters, I have a healthy respect for those that do though. I am mainly after ghosts. I both research and attend the live investigations. We work with the local paranormal society, who happens to be a family member of TAPS. For my society every year we hold a boot camp and I teach the newer members how to run an investigation, and a lot of the information and theory that goes along with it. I you have any questions I might be able to answer them, as my "about me" section dictates. I research types of haunts, haunts relating to history and methods of research and investigation. I.E. Residual, Intelligent and "Demonic" haunts, pols, and historical referencing, EVPS and video evidence as well as documenting personal experience.

    and you're welcome. :D
    Middle school actually xD Seventh grader due to something messed up in my records. I am only 13 ^^ School is horrid here, or maybe that's just me? xD So very wonderful :3

    *eccentric high five back!* I think normal is for those people who don't know hwo to have fun ^^

    For some reason I was thinking Tokyo Mew Mew xD And I see where the name inspiration is from c:
    Paranormal eh? Heh awesome I am not alone! I am the founder of my college's paranormal society, we go on investigations and stuff. Welcome to TCoD person of newness!
    It's fine ^^ I've been good! A whole week off from school is always a good thing :D

    Eccentric in every way xD I love being different ^-^

    Happy Easter to you too :3

    Also, who is that in your avatar? Looks familiar...
    Oh, hey! I was wondering what had happened to youu. Yeah, it sorta freaked me out a bit. I've never heard about that story though. I'll have to try that the next time I head down there. xD

    Happy Easter to you too! :D
    My goodness, tons of new members lately! Anyways, I'm Silver, or any other variations of my name! I'm the resident... eccentric? I think that fits well :3

    so, hi and welcome! How are you? :3
    Ooh. Wow, I envy you. I'd love to live that close. xDDD I live all the way in California, so it was lucky that I got to travel up there.

    Well, I remember two distinct things: One, my bedsheets getting pulled off of me slowly (I was still awake), two: catching an EVP saying my name and the year. It was amazing.

    Ohh. ^^ Thank youu~ I personally don't think I can sing, but still. :3
    Oh my, that's a very wide selection. xD I'm interested in everything you are, but my biggest belief rests with ghosts. Spent the night at Stanley Hotel once, and I thought it was just hype, but the place really is as haunted as they say. It's amazing. Conspiracies are fun~

    I actually have a Youtube account, but I haven't posted any of my music here. I've also done a couple vocal covers but they're for friends who beg me. xD I've recorded a lot more than I've posted, but that's because I don't have much time to upload things. Here's one video for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUOwE7S-lVs
    Nice to meet you too, Sirius. OH I FORGOT TO DO MY NORMAL INTRO
    I am Markku, resident TCoD bass player.
    Welcome, try not to die, and have fun :3

    So what kind of paranormal things are you interested in?
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