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  • I'm just starting shading. ^.^
    I also tend to hate drawings that look "stiff". You know what I mean? It looks like it has sticks inside of it because the lines are so strait. When I started drawing it was like that untill I realized, "Hey, that looks AWFUL."
    So I drew my characters a bit more loosly. Now it's is very challenging for me to draw a strait line.
    BUT MAH CHARACTERS ARE NOT STIFF. Movement and differant postions help lessen stiffness to. :3

    What would you like to talk about? :3
    I haven't finished the sprite cause I need to know something. Just a list of things for finishing the sprite.

    Black skin (like Absol)? yes/no
    What color do you want the Charizard parts? Orange/White/Black
    Leave coat? yes/no
    I type fast and usualy don't correct my mistakess. Unless I'm posting with people other than my friends. At that point I take the time to read over so the Grammer Nazis don't attack me. X3
    I did have it slightly noticable, but I thought you would just call that out and say it was to much. >.<;;;
    I revised the Tales of Acceptance banner. Tell me if you want anything else fixed that wont make me redo the entire thing..
    I added you, although still waiting for you to log onto it of course. :P
    Erindor will be joining our Cult as soon as he's done with his vacation.
    I have a fast gene, but I guess it's typical of Jolteons anyways. :P
    I have Roadtrip, Eeveelutions Cult, and role play, I just wish I could get more sprite requests. :/
    I have done it so many times it no longer matters to me. :P
    I got bored of forum games though. :/
    Yeah, I meant did you start? I have a ton of pictures, lemme dig around here. :P
    Have you actually attempted the Jolteon or not? :P No rush, just wondering.
    Also, I'm gonna wait till Notory gets back to post more in the Eeveelutions cult.
    Oooh, ok, it was that suddenly breaking off into "hey look, a Pidgey". :P
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