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  • Sure, except for how hyper I am sometimes....
    They also complain cause they get complaints from the Audubon society. I still say that birds are weak to electric. D:<
    After escaping the press, I went into an alley. Some man found me and somehow managed to not freak out, he took me into his house. When he discovered I could learn human languages, he taught me English. A few months ago, he could no longer afford to take care of me. He brought me to a family that I guess he knew liked pokemon. The 16 year old was the first to see me and he passed out from the excitement. So for a few months I have been in the current house. For a while I didn't have anything better to do so I read through his language books.
    I wanted adventure, my caretaker is a 16 year old kid who recently finished school. My caretaker is asleep already.
    Stole my caretaker's french book when he left it on the couch, he never uses it at home anyways.
    FIRST, the story that caused brix to be shat!

    For this, just click on the link in my sig.

    Then there's a bit of my story. :3
    One time when Satoshi decided to jump from the pokemon world to this world, he did it very near where I was. I had learned plenty from overhearing things in the schools and knew this was a warp. I decided to jump through just before it closed. I ended up going of course though and ended up in America where I learned how to read, type, and speak English over a few years.
    How I avoided attention... I shut down the press by completely destroying their equipment. I could recognize those dang cameras... Now I am in a home where they protect me from the press. This is despite their 'rights'. X3
    yeah, it isn't the same as in the shapes of landmasses and whatnot, but it has mountains, trees, rivers, etc.
    Big, and has some regions. I mainly lived in the forests, then went to the city and started to learn the human language. The geography isn't far off from here actually.
    Awww, but I've memorized like 250 decimals of pi. :P
    You wants to know stuffs about the pokemon world then?
    You need a url for the image first Then put that url between
    No, I'm not using the graph to solve the proof; in a proof, the two sides of the equations have to be equal, so you should be able to set the left side equal to y, and the right side equal to y, and they'll still be the same, and then when you graph those two equations on a graphing calculator, the graphs should be the same. They're not, which means that they aren't the same equation.

    When you substitute 0 in for x, you get 2 on the left side and 0 on the right side. 2 =/= 0... are you sure that there's not something else missing from the proof? ^^;
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