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Squornshellous Beta

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  • I never use semi-colons, ironically. Except for actions. But I spam the commas ALL OVER.

    Just recently, I was up all night drawing something. Hours and hours and hours. The drawing was a picture of myself. So I'm pathetic AND self-centered.
    I'm still wondering how you can do that.

    And it fails totally when it does work

    Don't! It's not your fault that she decided to do that. :c
    Surprising that it needs to rest sometimes while you never seem to have to rest >>

    Fucking human nature, how does it work?

    Then why did it only work after I did that.

    Why can't we humans just make sense?

    Told ya it would work.

    Human nature is so odd

    That only makes things worse for you :c
    Might as well try!

    Especially since they rarely see me, so for some reason the obsession is even greater.

    Well. It's good you talked to her, crappy that she's still anorexic :c
    Shall I bang it over the head with a stick to make it stop derping?

    I'm not overtly fond of my 2 neices and nephew either. They all are obsessed with me for some reason >_>
    Let us never forget how much it derped a couple days ago.

    I'm unsure whether that is good or bad, honestly.
    Hopefully it stops freaking out soon.

    It's good, unless my neice tries to screw with my game systems/computer. Then it's bad. And yes, I'm an uncle. I'm actually an uncle 3 times over since all 3 of my sibilings(2 sisters and 1 brother) have one kid each.
    Well, that sucks. =/

    Oh yeah, my brother, his wife, and my 1-and-a-half year old neice are down here for the week.
    Yeah, yeah I know. I do the hit/miss, secondary effects, crit, etc. things before actual damage/energy calcs. I just forgot to do them this time >_>.

    Yes I use Kratos' calcs
    Thanks! I'll try to send them over later, although I think I forgot to do the damage calcs >>. I did do the hit/miss, crit, and secondary effects RNG, though.
    Blegh, would you mind posting a couple reffings for me if I send them to you? They would be in multiple parts due to my PS3's character limit, but I'm sure you can patch them back together
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