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Squornshellous Beta

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  • I'm cpop201 on AIM, feel free to contact me even if it says I'm offline - I get the IMs on my phone anyway =)
    Also, how do I issue invitations? =x
    You can have the arena give them a nidoran, but none of their stuff will get EXP for it.

    If you want to buy someone an item, make a bank post for it and indicate who the item's going to.
    Much better.

    I was seriously contemplating leaving last night. Then I remembered I don't have any money really to my name and the fact there was supposed to be a major storm last night(which dragged on to this morning). So yeah, that would have been a bad idea.

    My PS3, of course! The crappy thing that won't let me use yahoo at all and has a 1,025 character limit.
    No. It was mainly a shouting match between them.

    When I typed my original message, I was really pissed off at the time. By now, I've cooled down so I'm probably not going to get up and leave now(having a major thunderstorm outside my house helped with that decision.) I'll think it through while my brother is here for the next week, to see if I really am ready to just leave this place.
    Well first off my dad came in and wailed on me because he thought I gave his computer a virus(no he didn't see what was on the flashdrive) and has since banned me from using it. Then, later on, he and mom got in a fight-again, this time worse than those minor ones. Before it wouldn't bother me, but by now I'm just....done. I am just done with this bullshit.
    I always use the words "though," "well," and "suddenly" in my entire reffings, particularly near the end.

    I suppose I should mention a more embarrassing incident. I stayed up so late that it was noon, 12 PM, also working on a thing of CSS and HTML. I started at 10 PM. And we seem to argue about ridiculous things.
    I've been feeling kind of low lately and not really in the mood for being sociable :< the next couple of days are going to be kind of busy too, but I'll try to be on more after that...
    um nevermind i'll just finish that tomorrow, gotta quit the computer.

    Have a nice day? (night?) (morning?) (what time is it at your place? here, it's 4:11pm)
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