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  • Not yet.

    I just... can't imagine outing myself and presenting as female without the support of the two people who are closest to me.
    That is also a good point.

    Which is why I am going to try to talk to them about it again. My therapist's going to explain to them I'm suicidal because of them and then we're going to sit down together and discuss why listening to your child's repeated requests to call them by another name is important and if that fails I'm going to give them one more chance in June and if that fails... I don't know. Killing myself because two people refuse to listen to me does sound silly.

    I could run away, couldn't I?

    I've been fantasizing about that a lot lately.
    I know that but I don't really see the point in going on.

    See, in June it'll have been a year since I've been talking to my therapist about being trans. This means I can legally start HRT. If my parents react to this by actually being helpful and giving two shits about my life, I'll make the effort to stay alive. If not, I'm going.
    Killing off my parents and adopting me would be the way to go.

    On a more serious note, no, not really. My therapist wants to casually imply that I'm going to off myself if my parents don't start actually doing the simple things I ask them to (ie not calling me by my birth name, etc.) the next time he meets with them. I'm reluctant to give him permission to do so because I'll have to talk about it with them and I'm so tired of it all.
    Rather awful, actually. Increasingly hopeless, overwhelmed, tired of life, etc.

    Ask me again in July though. That's when I decide whether I'm going to do anything about it or not.
    Hello. Sorry for not talking to you in forever. You probably don't recognize me. Star[numbers] ring a bell?
    I have a quick question about the safari zone. How would I go about re-joining? I kind of forgot about my area about a year or so ago, and I think just left?
    I dunno D: and I've got something I have to tell you too so it's difficult blahh
    Hey, Squorn I have an idea for the Safari Zone. Since ASB is pretty much gone, what if people could bring their ASB teams over to the Safari Zone? Sorry new to the Zone, feel free to beat me with a stick or something if I'm being stupid.
    I know and I got a new phone too so it doesn't have it :c I'm sorry Squorn!
    i know it has been awhile since i paid for a zone, but i have a question about it.

    how many of the 649 pokemon can i have within? i know no legends, but how many after that?
    Huh D: It's saying it can't find Squiddlebuddy. e-mail maybe? My skype name is Alraunne with two n's because it's an old account, e-mail is artsyalraune @ gmail.com if it can't find that.

    And I've been pretty decent I guess. I don't think we've talked since I started dating my boyfriend... It's going fantastic and he's so sweet and I feel so much better than I used to and his family is so nice and supportive! How have you been?
    ...XD If the raven had wheels and you used the wings as handlebars you could ride it like a bike even though I can't ride a bike >->
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