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  • "All night actions have not been recieved. You have 24 more hours because it is the first night. There will be no reminders or extentions on subsequent nights. Be warned."

    I definitely definitely sent mine. Whatever, I sent it again. If you still don't receive it, well, I don't know what to do.
    I know the maximum is 252, that a Pokemon can give you a total of three EVs, and a certain number of them is a +1 increase to one particular stat.
    Well, I'm glad you're not the arrogant type that asks for criticism but can't take any. ;)

    To be honest, it's not that bad of a plot twist. I think it might be acceptable in published books if it were foreshadowed more; but the reason it stands out to me so much is because no one would realistically say "I am evil", or announce that they are the bad guy. Not even Voldemort, considered by many to be cliché, does that.

    I think you get which part I'm talking about now...? :x
    You'll see when you get the annotated version. I practically exploded at that part (figuratively). :P
    Okay, for your NaNo fic, I read in one day until near the end, then I stopped for a few days because of the horrible, horrible plot twist that doesn't make any sense at all. But I'll continue reading it soon, because frankly, the rest of it is very well written.
    Oh wow I didn't realize how stupid that last sentence sounded, haha. It's true that it helps you learn more about that kind of stuff, but frankly, I'd just rather stick with my saxophone for now.

    I guess I'll just hope it stops by tomorrow morning!
    I kind of suggested that, but he's saying that it'd be better to get two instruments learned. I don't really get it. ):

    It's raining right now. Really hoping it doesn't tomorrow, especially because it was supposed to be a nice weekend. I'm actually planning our route throughout the park tomorrow and what to bring on the bus, though.
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