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  • Wacken should be fantastic, I'd like to go one day. There's a wide enough selection of bands that I'd like a few and the atmosphere must be amazing. I've heard Graspop is good too though I have no idea who's playing this year.

    I'm thinking about going to the Leeds Deathfest as well this year, Leeds is a bit of a trek away so I haven't been to the festival before, but now I have mates at university there so could crash round their place :P Immolation (one of my favourite bands) have been announced as the headliner, have seen them twice before but like a fine wine they only get better with age, would be brilliant to see them a third time haha
    I want to go to Bloodstock in August, saving up for my ticket atm. Lineup includes Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Obituary, Gwar, Fear Factory and all sorts of good stuff :P You planning on going anywhere?
    Only heard a couple of Grave's albums (Into The Grave and their last one) but both of them were fantastic, need to get more of their stuff. Need to get more old school Swedish stuff generally really, I love Dismember, Entombed and Unleashed but apart from them and Grave I haven't heard a lot of the bands from that scene.
    hey man, I remember this one time you (or at least, I think it was you?) linked somewhere here to a site, and I've been trying to find it again for some reason. it featured a couple of guys who reviewed a bunch of metal albums. most of their reviews were negative, and they used the term "cumdumpster" a lot. if you know the site I'm talking about, could you send me the link? i'd be quite grateful.
    Well if you ever do come round to the Fnac and want to meet up, drop us a PM. I live like twenty minutes away from it by metro :v
    Oh, when you do be sure to tell me. We could hang out at the best digs in town (read: waterstone's and the fnac. i am a nerd ): )
    President Nixon

    The sexiest president since JFK

    He also did the Watergate thing
    Yeah, I know. I kinda felt that for a while, but then I happened upon a book about Wiccan and it worked for me. Might happen to you, who knows.
    We practise Wicca.

    srsly we believe in polarity of dieties, so a god and goddess who are neither 100% pure nor 100% evil. It's pretty sweet stuff.
    Ostara is a Wiccan holiday in spring. A sabbat what Wiccans call their holidays. Because that's how they roll.
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