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  • I think it depends on how severe you have it, too. Some people with crohn's are on liquid diets. @_@
    replying here so we aren't completely off-topic
    "I have ulcerative colitis (which is like the little brother version of Crohn's) and they ask me to eat lots of fibers...

    (then again I am absolutely not overweight so uh)"
    huh, that is odd! we were told by doctors that fibrous stuff's pretty bad for crohn's, and it certainly makes my mum really ill. but she's also overweight and a smoker, which makes crohn's considerably more difficult, so that's a likely factor. I'm lucky in that so far I haven't developed anything resembling crohn's, but it's kind of uncommon for people my age apparently anyway.
    I'm totally loving all my PT albums. Right now, I have every album from Lightbulb Sun forward, and as soon as I get the chance, I'm buying the rest, and pre-ordering Grace for Drowning.
    Oh derf I somehow didn't notice this. Are you enjoying yourself over here? You'll notice that we don't know what Summer in Europe is so we've decided to adopt the "make it rain all the fucking time" method and make it like a tropical country or something. Sigh-u.
    I've recently fallen in love with In Absentia, so obviously I want to hear more PT. Which albums would you recommend I buy next?
    Hey, there's no hard feelings between us right? I know we disagree on some things, but I'd hate for us to dislike each other over them.
    Right, I know we haven't exactly gotten along the best in the past, but I'd like to ask for your help on something - how do I get my "last played" on Last.fm to show up in my sig? It would be massively appreciated.
    yo soz didn't message back haven't checked this place in ages, but if you're still interested in Immo, all their albums are good but I personally would recommend either Here In After or Unholy Cult as good starting points, awesome shit.
    Wacken should be fantastic, I'd like to go one day. There's a wide enough selection of bands that I'd like a few and the atmosphere must be amazing. I've heard Graspop is good too though I have no idea who's playing this year.

    I'm thinking about going to the Leeds Deathfest as well this year, Leeds is a bit of a trek away so I haven't been to the festival before, but now I have mates at university there so could crash round their place :P Immolation (one of my favourite bands) have been announced as the headliner, have seen them twice before but like a fine wine they only get better with age, would be brilliant to see them a third time haha
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