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The Omskivar
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  • I think that's something you can work out with Superbird. Normally at the advanced rate I guess it's $24 per round, but let's just perpetually give you the fast reffing bonus and make it an even $40. Then you can split that however.
    oh, Zhorken will have to do that. look at this Omskivar, taking on such extra responsibility
    Hey there! I noticed you've been online to ref, so I wanted to remind you I picked up your battle with LotF to e-ref and it's your turn to command!
    I couldn't quite remember if the Omskivar was actually the wolf or someone else was the wolf and they were talking about the Omskivar?? it was a mystery
    happy birfday to you
    you're a really cool dood
    the age of 21 is really fun~~~
    you deserve this a ton

    happy huggy birthday!
    aww man that sucks so much. :C hopefully writing about little bugs duking it out in a ball pit can make you feel the tiniest bit better!
    ohhhh man. that's so shit :C weren't you really looking forward to being there? how did that stuff even end up in your bag? :C

    I'll leave it to you two to figure out how you want to split things. Let me know after and we'll figure out what to do about the pay.
    Ooh, are you back from camp? Would you be able to work with Superbird on it?
    Hey, you bought my Moon Stone a while back but it never got moved. Are you still interested in it?
    Keldeo is our new fair arbitrator, so could you send her the juicy tidbits about MD's and my battle of wits? :D
    I don't know about Joseph (Biblical things are kinda offputting here), but The Outsiders and the other one sound really cool!
    Oh, I'm sorry for your loss.

    I already have a bunch of it ready anyway, so I'll get on it tomorrow. Although, if you still have the calculations (or can redo them easily), I'd appreciate it if you could PM them my way, simply because I figure that for this round specifically I may as well cover that the same way you would have.
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