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  • Just ask Azula.
    Okay, I do hope that the crossover RP does start soon. I had been imagining that I would need to franticly post in the rare windows I had while the RP was going, but instead I'm waiting for it to start. Do we really need to wait for everyone's forms to finish?
    The image in your sig made me think of the video Draw With Me. Look it up on youtube.
    In that case, I'd rather it if you did.

    Oh... well, I'm sorry to hear that. Surely it's not that bad when I play him?
    SE is tragically forgetful, I'm afraid. Still, I remembered this time, so the wait is over.

    Anyway, Galacta Knight is a dead certain if you don't mind having two Kirby villains. I'll come up with some fruity explanation for his not being sealed away/dead like I did for RitD. As for the other, this has required a great deal of thought. I have had to scratch both of my original potential villains because their intentions didn't fit the scenario. In the end, since there are currently no Pokemon villains, I call Darkrai. He'll be something akin to PMD2 Darkrai in intentions and personality, although not the same one necessarily.

    No third villain, I'm afraid. I'd still have to think of one and I'm already holding you up.
    I'm sorry to hear that. :<

    Well, since I'm short on things to do anymore, I'll certainly give it a shot. I would say... two, possibly three if I think of another. I'm not going to put names to them until I'm sure of who I'm playing, if that's all right with you. In that case, I'll try not to forget about this place.
    I take it back. i don't mind if you, myself, and possibly SE are the only antagonists. I just want this RP to get on the road before I slump to the point of not showing up here.
    I was under the impression that there were nine spots for antagonists open (three for you, me, and SE), and that should any of us choose not to use those (like how I'm doing) they'd be open to whoever wanted them.
    I'm back.

    Now, I'm sorry to see that I caused a bit of an issue. You just so happened to catch me during two of my (admittedly unneccessarily) angstiest days, so the timing wasn't great. I had intended to let it slide at first, but then you posted a message that required a response. Therefore, I couldn't handle it in a mature fasion. It's shameful. Anyway, Exo already spelled it out when I wasn't willing. Regrettably, the incident made me look like I had ripped off your RP. However, that was mainly what upset me, not you. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

    Anyway, I posted a message that actually pertains to the RP in Exo's profile, so you'll find that bit there.
    I hope I myself wasn't harsh in the last message. The last time I did something like that I ended up feeling worse than I did after what started the confrontation.

    Perhaps she knew we didn't have a plot, and wanted to put one out there and see what reception it got. Since it did get a lot of good attention (mostly on how the fusion was caused in the first place, I personally say this trading card did it) I honestly thought that this was going to turn out to be the plot.

    What's done is done, as the cliched saying goes. All we can do now is keep going and hope that SE has a change of mind.
    What I'm about to say is based on my own judgments about the situation at face value. I apologize in advance if I come off sounding like a complete jerk.

    For starters, you never actually said from the get-go that you had a well-thought out plot. Since neither I nor SE knew of it, SE decided to take the initiative and post a plot of her own, and if I had known that you were going to get a plot going from the beginning, I would have said something along the lines of that to SE. Furthermore, I think "fabrication" was a bad word choice, as it sent the message (to me, at least) that SE knew you had a thought-out plot from the beginning but decided to think of her own anyway. As far as I could tell, she was putting in her two cents by thinking of a plot (it's not called the Idea Center for nothing.) I thought calling her idea a fabrication and immediately shooting it down was kind of harsh, as you gave the impression, that, as I said before, she knew about the plot from the beginning but ignored it.

    In any case, since she's not going to be a part of it, I suggest that we open spots for the Main Antagonists, and see what unfold from there.
    Oh. I didn't know that I was holding it up. Don't leave anything to me, I don't want any part of it. As for my "fabrication", I didn't know that you already had something in mind, I got carried away and Exo suggested that I post it, and though the others seemed okay with my ideas, quite obviously I was wrong to jump ahead. I genuinely thought that you were just throwing the idea of a crossover RP out there. That said, I don't see why you want me involved. Just a few days ago I was beginning to ditch my depression, but now I'm feeling horrible. I'm not in the mood. All I ask is that you leave me alone, and eventually I might join your RP if I feel like it.
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