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  • Sure. From Hiun City, go to the desert route and head north. You'll reach a paved road that branches off to two areas. The east branch goes to Raimon, the west one goes to the "Resort Desert". Follow that path and you'll get to a wide open desert area. Around the northern part of the area should be an entrance underground surrounded by a bunch of blue blobs. Go in there. Follow the path around and WALK DON'T RUN over the quicksand areas. There should be a backpacker in there that will give you one of the two fossils. I don't quite remember which is which, though.
    Thank you, I have do have manip skills when it's real people as I am used to making Twilight manips, yes I am a Twilight fan no disrespect please.
    XD So in my ramblings, I actually targeted the media it came from correctly, somewhat.
    I'm just being my normal dumbass self. Going around making references to things no one gets. And occasionally get me called a stalker :s

    Your usertitle says "Reaper, Reaper, That's what people call me"

    In the game Borderlands there is a sidequest in which a Kid killed his father and went to join the bandits. Upon joining he was given the name Reaper and the gun Reaper's Edge.
    So you killed your father and joined the bandits?

    (Reference to a side mission in Borderlands.)
    I don't want to rush you, but you should know that I'm going to be very busy from thursday to wednesday, and I was hoping that the villains could kick-start soon before that. I'm still waiting for your green light, but I was just hoping said green light could come soon
    I figured Rudger's contribution to the first battle would be him backing up Hidan with a bunch of Infernity monsters, but that can wait, if you want
    Might I suggest something along the lines of what transpires from 2:49 to 4:09 of this video? We could follow that up with whatever floats your boat
    Now that we have actually gone to a world, do you think now would be a good time for the antagonists, or should we wait a little longer?
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