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  • Oh :C I thought there was a thing on the launcher that let you switch which you were playing on? Eh, that friend's level 30 account should work I guess

    Mm... Maybe about November or so? I remember Alistar was in the rotation because he was the first champ I ever tried. I tried Kog shortly after and instantly fell in love. Missed out on the winter thing they did with the maps though.

    Oh, so you're probably not level 30, eh? Well we can always do pvAI games until you get caught up! Before then, our level difference would probably fuck up the matchmaking... It would average our levels out and everyone we fight will still have more masteries and runes than you or something probably. I remember when I was getting from level 20 to level 30 I had to deal with that a lot... a team of four level 30's and one level 1 guy picking on people like us ;;
    So I didn't want you to fall too far behind in the Soul Guard. We're moving to Blackwell now, and thinking, "Didn't the council mention a Mr. Faust? Where is he?" So you could whip a catch-up post, doesn't even have to make much sense.

    So, there ya' go. Also, I have a great amount of temptation for Cedrick to call Graham "Graham-Cracker." Just because. Is that alright?
    I was wondering if in The Soul Guard your and my character could have a connection. By that, I mean that my character, Pole, her brother Purvis was in the gang that Graham was in. She didn't know Graham very well, though when she heard that he was the only one surviving in the gang her brother was in, she decided to try to find him, to be with someone who had a link with the last person she ever knew or loved.
    Haha, I know I was only kidding :P But that's pretty cool. MMOs are pretty time consuming, yeah. And roleplaying... Haven't actually done that in over a year haha. I lack the motivation to do so :V

    But it's all good. I'm not really active here anymore either. Kinda ditched this place for a much smaller community of old friends of mine I lost touch with a few years back >.>
    So I haven't heard from this guy in ages. What'm I getting too old for you to talk to? Can't stay in the hip and happenin' with you young'uns? D:

    lmao how've you been?
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