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  • I worry a little, too, but at least I'm sure nobody expects mosh battles reffed lightning-fast or anything. I mean, it may be in part for the times I've been absent through, but I don't remember the last time I've heard of motions on the baby bug brawl.

    I kind of prefer to keep my Tumblr existance separate from my forums existance, but if I ever change my mind about that, I'll be sure to let MD know. Do share the prozdvoices love, though!
    Well, at least you'll get to see it run its course! I'm definitely excited to see the outcome of my commands on this one, and it doesn't seem as if I'm the only one thinking that.

    Also, here's a thought wrt to that new piano.
    Incidentally, since you've probably not gotten to see yet, luvdisc mosh battle is a thing that's currently happenning.
    (Hello, here's a small reminder that if/when you get your internet working, please don't forget to post commands in your battle with MD! Thanks.)
    omg did MD actually ignore the filter (is his favourite Pokémon actually Swalot)
    Hi, you have 48 hours to post commands in your battle with MD! Post in the Absence Sheet or let me know if you need more time.
    Cool! If possible, I'd actually be interested in helping out with the Festival itself if it does materialize. Can you let me know if something I could work on comes up?
    Hey! Eifie told me you were the one to talk to about contest-related things, and I'm wondering if you have any plans for a Grand Festival next year.
    i literally just understood your name

    for the longest time I thought you were, like, purple, but ultra
    Hi, you have a little under 48 hours to post commands in your battle with MD!
    Ah, I'd love a Hyper Cutter Mawile, maybe even named Zipper or Stitch to go with your Button...? n_n" Thank you, and happy birthday to you as well!!
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