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12th Movie = EPIC


Yes We Can!! Obama Wins!
This was probably created before.

Anyways, recently, I've become detached from the Pokemon Anime. I knew the new Arceus movie was going to come out but I really didn't plan on watching it. Then, all of a sudden, I felt myself with NOTHING to do yesterday. So I watched the little rerun they had. To tell you the truth, I was pleasantly surprised.

It wasn't just another Bad Guy wants to do something so he needs Legendary A and Legendary B along with Ash come and save Legendary A and everything is fine. This movie actually had some sense of plot and it even went as far as to showing some people die and an attempt to kill Arceus. Anyways, what did you think of the 12th movie?
It was certainly something. My only complaint is how Arceus's voice sounded sourta raspy, and the Judgement screams were kinda overdone. Other than that, it was quite good.
I haven't seen it yet; I've seen a few minutes of the beginning of the dub, and to me Arceus sounded too much like generic bitchy-sounding anime dub villain and not enough like the awesome epic god of all Pokemon. Not sure if subtitles would remedy this or not.
Yeah, Arceus's voice sucked, but the plot was pretty interesting. I especially like how they kind of set it up a little as the usual same-ol-same-ol, and then they introduced the whole "BUT WAIT!" bit in the middle :3
I liked Arceus' voice. It was a nice change from what I expected it to be - I had really excpected a deep, booming voice of terror-inducting doomliness, but what he was given was a lot less grating on my ears... and not to mention I actually imagined Arceus speaking like that. :D Anyway, the movie was very good. The setup, plot, and characters (Marcus = MEGA AWESOME) were all great - my only complaint lies in Sheena. She really had no personality whatsoever and to me just screamed canon sue. (Sorry for bumping an older topic, but there was nothing that could be mentioned now that couldn't in the past.)
I truly wasn't impresed with Arceus' voice, but I do love some aspects of the movie:

This movie isn't the generic, "Oh, bad guy need legandary, bad guy take it. Ash and others try free!"
It shows that pokemon have the potential to kill people.
There's a *gasp* plot twist. You find out the guy you thought was a bad guy, he's a good guy.
It has Johto starters :grin:
An awesome legandary battle.

Of course, it has problems.

Arceus voice. Ugh.
Giratina, Dialga and Palkia's stupidity. Use some dragon type moves to hold your own against Arceus. They may not have known, but dragon moves, would have worked on him. They could at least try.
The old gaurd. He's a coot, nothing to it.
I'll update later.
Heh, I admit I love this movie to bits. Especially how they came so close to killing Arceus - the dub said 'die' twice, yeah! - and Arceus' voice, which surprised me, and then I ended up liking it a lot more than most other people did, apparently. I can't say why I like it... I just do. Which is a fail for explaining, but...

And Marcus was taking the time to attack Ash and Dawn, rather than wasting his time on their Pokemon, which I thought actually made sense. Ash was really useless though, to the point where he didn't need to be there. All he really did was Thunderbolt Arceus twice, use sudden ninja moves and then stand there holding the jewel in front of Arceus for five minutes. If Arceus could call the life plates back to him after only needing one back, he probably could just have called the jewel to him just fine, no matter if Marcus was holding it, it was buried in silver water or whatnot. But that's my opinion...

Anyways, I loved it, and now it's on my computer. Fwee~
I dunno, it really didn't impress me much. Plus, it gets really confusing near the end. It just kinda screams PLOT HOLE to me.

Also, WHY IN THE FLIPPING WORLD DID THEY CAST DAN GREEN AS DAMOS AND NOT MARCUS!? Seriously, that would have been so hilarious to hear Dan Green as the dude who looks like he came straight from an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh. Oh well, he worked well as Damos.
Because I've seen the sub, and not the dub, I didn't have to suffer from hearing Damos voiced by Dan Green. xDD

All in all, the plot was actually better than most of the past Pokemon movies I've seen. The only thing that irked me, was the whole time travel thing; if Arceus had gotten the pieces ages ago anyways, the ruins should have been in a better shape, and the dragon trio shouldn't have been there.

In fact, the whole movie wouldn't have even existed, and Ash and co. would've went their merry ways, without ever knowing what the hell happened. And if Sheena DID go to the ruins, there would be no fake Jewel of Life or anything. In fact, she'd probably get rich from all that silver deposit Marcus dumped. :U

But meh. Maybe I'm just over-thinking things.
For me, I thought the whole thing at the end was Dialga creating an alternate timeline that branched off when Arceus went to get to the Jewel of Life, and that once they intervened enough to change everything, Dialga merged the new timeline and the original one. And Arceus' whole remembering everthying was as the timeline was merging, triggered by Ash.

...Or something like that? I don't know if that made any sense to anyone other than me.

BUT! Me and my friend discovered that Damos says, in the dub, "I must return the Jewel of Life to Arceus!" in almost perfect iambic pentameter. And it's extremely addicting to say and get in your head... [/random]
Just finished watching it because I had nothing else better to do.

I must say, this is way better than any of the other movies, although there were a few things they could have improved on.

Firstly, Arceus's voice. I don't really mind it at first, but after shouting Judgement for the millionth time, it got kind of annoying.

Sheena just got on my nerves through out the whole movie. One, her dub horrible; I thought the monotone was on purpose at first, but then I realized that it was not and it all went downhill from there. Also, she's completely useless, even more so than Ash. The only things she did were plot devices that could have been easily done by other people.

But! Ash actually did nothing this time! While he did exhibit sue qualities at first, with all the "Oh hay Giratina stop fighting!" thing, I thought that bit was actually well done because it mislead me into thinking that this is going to be another "Ash saves the world with the power of friendship" movie, but it was not.

I liked the plot twist and how nobody was truely a "bad guy". The red-haired dude whose name escaped my mind just wanted to save his town, and the movie pointed this out several times. And the movie made Heatran officially awesome. It can walk on walls. Walk on walls. Walk on freaking walls.

But yeah. All in all, this movie was pretty sweet, plot holes aside.

BUT! Me and my friend discovered that Damos says, in the dub, "I must return the Jewel of Life to Arceus!" in almost perfect iambic pentameter. And it's extremely addicting to say and get in your head...

Oh god. Now I'll never get it out of my head.
This thread has made me want to watch it. I'm actually loving Arceus' english dub voice. But so far this seems like every other movie so far.
Arceus' voice was horrible, everything else was alright.

[whine]And I hate how Arceus was able to dodge Giratina's Shadow Force. That goes directly against what Shadow Force is![/whine]

But yeah, it was worth watching.
Gotta say, I gave up. I read this thread and it inspired me to watch, then, I remembered why I hate the pokemon cartoon so much now. It just seemed like the previous 2 films to me. And the ones before that. MORE MEWTWO.
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