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Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?


Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

Shiny Lucario should have been red, Shiny Growlithe should have been blue - Many Shiny Pokemon never interested me. The only two majour favourites of mine were Shiny Charizard and Shiny Rayquaza!


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Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

I can't believe no one has said this:



Others I'm not fond of:

~Nidoqueen. Several people have already mentioned this disaster, and I have nothing to add on. Except that I hate it. A lot.
~Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable. The pink is okay, but I hate hate hate those ears. Mint green? What?
~Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat. I hate the first two because of that ugly green color. It looks like the same shade of green as that one fake leaf my cat once puked up. And Crobat... neon pink with green. Ew.
~Primeape. His limbs are some kind of ugly, muddy, brown-green color. Like really disguisting mud. Or crap.
~Magmar and Magmortar. That shade of pink should be a violation of some law. Magby is okay, though.
~Moltres. Pink? Again? What the hell? I'm not sure what color I would've made it, but certainly not this.
~Macargo and Houndoom. What do I hate about them? I hate how the outlines on Macargo's shell and Houndoom's horns suddenly jumps out like AHAHAHAHA LOOK AT ME I HAVE PURPLE/BLUE LINES IN RANDOM PLACES.
~Castform. That purple color is okay, but the mask just makes it... no words.
~Chatot. Nothing is bad except that the wings are pink, which is the most overused color in shiny-dom.

Now for some that I do like:

~Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard. I personally am very fond of shinies that are golden, and even though Charizard is pitch black, I like that too. Very... epic. Makes him look evil.
~Caterpie. I love gold.
~Pidgeot. It's gold. And, like I said before, I like gold.
~Ninetales. Lavender? With blue tail tips? Not what I would've thought of, but way better.
~Venomoth. Hey, what do you know. I like shinies that are (pleasant) shades of blue, too.
~Bellsprout. Expect to see a lot of gold shinies on this list.
~Rapidash. It's just so epic win. Looks like some kind of ghost-horse. Which I approve of.
~Magikarp and Gyarados. Magikarp because it's gold, and Gyarados because, well, who doesn't love it?
~Dragonair. It's mostly the gold orbs that appeal to me (of course), since I'm not that fond of that particular shade of purple.
~Slugma. Instead of lava, it's QUIKSILVER.
~Tyranitar. If it creates a sandstorm every time it's around, then it must be awesome to look at <3 I like that brown.
~Medicham. For some reason, those blue thighs are oddly, um, what's the word... attractive.
~Torkoal. Because it's gold.
~Swablu and Altaria. Because they're gold.
~Milotic. Because it's gold.
~Clamperl, Gorebyss, and Luvdisc. They're all gold. Keep up with the gold :D
~Metagross. It's silver. And gold.

So, in closure:

I like gold.


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Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

More shinies that I like:
Luxray: Wantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwant. *scurries off to chain Shinxes again*
Rapidash: The flames are AWESOME.
Floatzel: I don't know why. I just love it.
Ninetales: It looks like an epic ghost. :D
Dragonite: Why, oh why couldn't that be its normal color? :(
The entire Porygon family: They just look awesome in that color.
Mightyena: Gooooooooooooolllllllllllld.
Manectric: Because it looks like Luxray and that can only be a good thing.

Some that I dislike:
Spearow/Fearow: Yellow-green hurts my eyes.
Growlithe/Arcanine: Amazing Pokémon and they had to make them yellow.
Sneasel/Weavile: Why? Why must they be pink?
Larvitar: The less said about this one, the better.
Jolteon: D-:<

There are more, but I'm getting bored of the random Pokémon generator.


Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

.. I was never too fond of smilies because most of them just look odd :v
and two of my favourites [shedinja & froslass] didn't even have the common courtesy to have different colours at all.

so the only shinies I'm ever after, really, are yanmega and seviper. they look lovely c:
duskull & gastly look good, too.
Oh, and hoppip o: green tomato.

I'm not sure about worst, though I did find it a bit.. repetitive when many of the blue/water types in Gen III had purple alternate colouration..
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Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

Almost any shiny that is blue is awesome in my book. I hate shinies that are a shade or two darker or lighter than normal.

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Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

I really like shiny ponyta now. I chained one, and named it Spectre, because someone said it looked like a ghost horse.


Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

I think Breloom's shiny form is awesome. It looks kinda like a fire type, but it's still cool looking, and a grass/fighting type. Also, Zubat. I think it's green asparagus-like color is awesome, and shall continue to say forevermore: SHINY ZUBAT LOOKS LIKE ASPARAGUS!

I do not like Espeon's shiny form. At all. It looks like it came from some distant planet to destroy us all or something. Lime Green. Scary.


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Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

Shiny Tyranitar wins. I love mine. Also:

- Flygon
- Rayquaza
- Charizard
- Glaceon
- Milotic
- Latias and Latios

Shiny Staravia and Pikachu are kind of lame, though. And Kyogre and Groudon just look gross in purple and lime green.


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Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

Best: Charizard

Worst: Castform and any other shiny colored simialar to the original pokemon


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Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

Shiny Ninetales and Rapidash are both beautiful and spectral. I also like the Charmander line. Yanma looks good in blue.

As for fugly shinies... Dragonite. The mauveness of Dratini and Dragonair is quite pretty, wtf is with the sudden barftastic olive green? The Machop line has it too, and so does Gloom. It's just not a good color for pokemon. (... I'm probably the only person that doesn't entirely hate it on Nidoqueen, though.)
Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

As for fugly shinies... Dragonite. The mauveness of Dratini and Dragonair is quite pretty, wtf is with the sudden barftastic olive green? The Machop line has it too, and so does Gloom. It's just not a good color for pokemon.
The Machop line has green shinies so you can make Incredible Hulk references.
At least that's what I did when I caught a shiny Machoke...


Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

~Metagross, because it's badass.
~Aggron, because it's badass
~Seviper, because it's again, badass
~Starmie, because it's- OH NEVER MIND!
~Beedrill, blue eyes look weird (In a good way) on it! And it's green. And I own one.
~Tentacruel, more green, finally gives us a break from that red! I also own one of them.
~Zubat line, I own them. Only reason.
~Vaporeon, it's pretty.

~Shellos, or as my friend nicknamed them, "Shell-ass".

Other than Shellos, I like about any shiny. Because they're badass.

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Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

Like: Anything dark (Camerupt, Seadra). Anything with a nice smooth-looking color palate (Cacturne, Camerupt also).

Dislike: Anything light (Ponyta, Ho-Oh). Anything with huge amounts of contrast (Kingler, Voltorb). Anything with huge jumps in the shading (Octillery, Breloom).

So in conclusion: Camerupt = Awesome.


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Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

Yes - Most Shinies with a strong but smooth colours. (Rayquaza is a good example)

No -
Oh god thats ugly.


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Re: Best and worst-looking Shiny Pokémon?

While it's not the worst, I've always really disliked how they made Pikachu's shiny form so boring. You'd think they'd make an effort for their mascot ):

I'm very fond of shiny Umbreon. While most of the other Eeveelutions are bright enough to see from space, I think the much-more-subtle blue rings look fantastic.