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Black Lotus Forest

Squornshellous Beta: GRAVEYARD: Upon entering the Graveyard, You notice a cloaked figure leaning against a tree with a Scythe in one hand. As you start to think about running for your life, the figure walks over to you with a bag held out. You take the bag and look inside. You have been given a Reaper Cloth. Eerie, but useful. The figure strolls away into the shadows and disappears.

You continue your walk into the Graveyard and look around for pokemon. As you stroll, you see a small shape resting on a tombstone. It's a Kasib Berry! do you take it or continue? 4 chances left.

HIDDEN TEMPLE: You enter the untouched temple, the sounds of stone creaking and the soft putter of pokemon hidden in its depths. As you push forward into the creepy terrain, you see something laying on the ground. Its a Destiny Knot! Do you take it or continue? 4 chances left.

Mawile: As you enter the Graveyard, the sound of a cloak brushing the ground comes from behind your left shoulder. You spin on your heel and come face-to-face with a cloaked figure holding a small bag. Shakily, you hold your hand out for the bag and take it, praying that the figure wasn't here to collect you. The figure steps back into the shadows and disappears. You open the bag and find that you've been given a Dusk Stone.

You continue to venture into the Graveyard, looking around in the misty boneyard for things of personal interest. As you poke around, a faint glimmer catches your eye. Thinking it to be a shiny item, you go toward it to take, when the "shiny item" turned out to be the eye of a Sableye Female that was watching you. Do you take her or continue? 4 chances left.
Squornshellous Beta:

GRAVEYARD: You pass up on the berry and move one, looking for something more suitable for your tastes. You poke around the graves in search for something cool, with the odd feeling of something watching you. The more you poke around, the stronger the feeling gets. Finally, you turn around and come face-to-face with a Male Duskull. Do you capture or Continue? 3 more chances.

HIDDEN TEMPLE: You walk over the item and explore more of the temple. Do start to poke around the doors, opening them randomly. After some time, you enter a room and find a figure sitting on the floor, light ebbing on and off. Its a Claydol. Do you capture or Continue? 3 more chances.
Brock: You enter the Moonlit Clearing, the sheer aura of the place a pleasant one of peace and focus. As you step into the clearing, the slight flicker of black catches your eye. Leaning against a tree is a cloaked figure with a scythe in one hand. You stop dead and your tracks upon seeing them, your heart skipping a beat as they glide over to you. Before you could utter a single sound, the figure holds out a bag to you. You take the bag and watch as they disappear into the forest behind you. After catching your breath, you open the bag and find a Moon Stone. How lucky of you!

You turn your attention back to the clearing and start to look around for the pokemon that calls this place their home. As you search, you notice a small green bird hopping around in the grass. It is a Male Natu. Do you Capture or Continue? 9 more chances, 3 Lotus balls.

Squornshellous Beta: You walk past the pokemon in hopes of finding something better. No sooner had to left the tombstone, you walked under a tree and something suddenly dropped on your head. After running around like a fool, you find out that it was a Female Spinerak. Do you capture or continue? 2 chances left.

Mawile: You pass up the Sableye in hopes of finding something less creepy. As you look around, you hear the faint sound of laughing behind you, coming from the mist around you. As you start to walk faster, a soft breeze brushes against your neck. You spin around and find yourself looking at a smiling Male Shuppet. Capture or continue? 3 Chances left.

You can only catch something once. If you want to go again, you'll have to pay for another session.
Brock: (thanks for the tip, and yes. You now have a Moonstone regardless)

You smiles at the small bird and let him be. You start to poke around the clearing some more, hoping to find more interesting pokemon when the sound of a spring catches your attention. You turn around and find a Female Spoink has been following you. Do you catch her or continue? 8 more chances, 3 Lotus balls.

You capture the Spoink and pocket the ball, turning your attention back to the clearing at hand. It isn't long until your gaze is drawn to a single black pokemon with glowing yellow rings. As you stare in wonder at the sight, the pokemon sits up from the rock they laid on and looks down at you. You have spotted a Female Umbreon. Capture or continue? 7 chances left, 2 Lotus Balls [Bag: Female Spoink]
*Crashes through the Space-Time, wearing a bitching cape and hood*

Hello everyone. I am here to inform you that this "Zone" has been revamped yet again. Those that have been in the middle of a session may continue if they so wish.

There is also a new challenge for those that enter the Dojo. However if you are in the middle of a session in that very Dojo, you can't not take the challenge until you complete your previous session.

Stay tuned for what other crazy things I'll do next. Now I must be off. My planet needs me!

*Crashes back through the Space-Time*
I need to get back into Safari Zones, so Hidden Temple please! *$8 fee given to HighMoon*
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