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Black Lotus Forest

Melodic Harmony: You continue through the woods to find better discoveries, finally coming across a coiled pokemon sleeping on a rock. It's a female Ekans! Snag her or continue? 3 more chances

FMC: You travel further into the graveyard, not happy with what you have found so far. You then notice that something has been stalking you in your shadow. You spin around and spot a male Sableye...Oh! It's holding a Reaper clothe with it as well! Do you capture or continue? 1 more chance

Mumei: You enter the forest, hopeful of finding a new discovery when a Male Ekans slithers out to you and sticks it tongue out. Do you capture or continue? 4 more chances
FMC: You enter the old Dojo in search for more discoveries when you hear the sound of fighting in the nearby room. It's a female Makuhita punching a practice dummy! Do you capture or walk the other way? 4 more chances.

Mike: You walk into the clearing, noticng he pale glow coming off of the rocks. You then notice that on one of the rocks is a sleeping pokemon. It's a female Abra! Do you capture or let them rest? 4 more chances.

Mumei: You travel past the pokemon and venture further into the woods. You travel for a good bit of time before hearing the flapping of wings landing on a rock neck to you. It's a male Murkrow! Do you capture or continue? 3 more chances

Minnow: You enter the graveyard, mist clinging to your ankles as you creep deeper into the grounds of the dead. He then kick something laying on the ground. It's a Lotus Ball that some moron must have dropped...what what was remaing of the poor fool that last ventured in here. You have the chance to take two things from the Grave rather than one.
FMC: You skitter further into the Dojo, avoiding the fighting type. You decide to rest somewhere and sit on a discarded and beaten punching bag. Suddenly, you start to feel something nibbling at your socks. It's a female Rattata! do you capture or run away? 3 more chances

Mike: You pass the sleeping pokem on to search for more discoveries in the clearing. As you wonder, you are quickly tossed to the side by a rampaging pokemon. It's a male Pinsir! do you capture or run away? 3 more chances.

Green: You disregard the tasty berry and continue your exploring. It isn't long until you see a small brown critter sitting in the middle of the path way. It's a female Teddiursa! Do you capture or avoid? 3 more chances.

Midnight: You enter the graveyard, confident that you can face whatever may lurk here. As you walk, you start to hear the sounds of bells in the mist. You quickly turn on your heel when one bell sound comes barrelling toward you. It's a female Chingling! Do you capture or avoid? 4 more chances.
Um, I guess I'll continue in the graveyard with the Lotus Ball, if that's how it works.
Minnow: With the new item in hand, you grin as you continue to travel through the graveyard. You are basking in your luck that you can take two things from here when you notice a odd bell sound nearby. You glance around and find the source. It's a female Chingling! catch and continue or just continue? (4 more chances)

FMC: You run away from the nibbling rat into another room, panting from your sprint, when you notice a pokemon watching you. It's a female Makuhita!...Oh, what's this? She seems to have a black belt around her. She must have impressed the Dojo leader here. Capture or continue? 2 more chances.

Mike: You get away from the bug and run to the other side of the clearing, rubbing your chest from where you were hit. Then then here a 'spring' kind of sound next to you. It's a female Spoink! Capture or continue? 2 more chances

Dragon: You enter the Graveyard in hopes of finding something neat, when something lands on you head with a soft squeak. It's a male Shuppet! Capture or Continue? 4 more chances.
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