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Open Black Moon Academy - School for the Gifted


Egahds, I've been gone a long while!

"Yeah well, it's quite clear that my ability is unnerving. Not that I can help it or anything..." Reneé replied "And I've actually been kind of reserved about the use of fire to be honest. I s'pose its due to the flammable environments I've been in, I tend to think before flaring."

Reneé flipped open his 3DS and opened the Mii Plaza game. "Other room-mate? Given it's two people to each room I would assume it would be a pet of some-sort. Tamagochi perhaps?"


Uh, I didn't do it.
Raisa smirked. "Nope, this would kick a Tamagochi's ass anyday." She took her laptop back to her bed, flipping the screen over and turning it to a tablet. A few seconds later she had loaded the VI's interface. This was her pet project, right now, Brighton was a very simple VI, but a pretty good one. Her goal, eventually, was to get him to be a full AI, self aware. It was a concept she'd been working on for some time, and her powers certainly helped things along. She'd made it pretty damn far on her own. She knew what she wanted out of the system, and soon she would make him into a hologram interfaced VI.

"Basically," she started as Brighton booted up, "my powers are basically controled like a gestural interface..." She paused, not knowing if he knew what that was. "Think like the Iron Man movie, the system he uses in that to help control the suit. I can see and interact with the code and information and everything. Well... when I use my powers sometimes if I go to deep I'm not all that aware what's going on around me. Data overload pretty much. I need someone, or something, to help organize it all." She pointed at the tablet. "So I am making someone to help me out with that. "

Raisa flipped the tablet around, showing Reneé the screen. A blue sphere shown on the screen, multiple layers and different shades of blue spining around as if keeping the little guy afloat in a sea of data. Though the blue was brightest in the center. "Meet Brighton, my VI. He just learned to talk last week, so give him a bit of room for error there. Right now he was just released from his script and he 'learns' from interaction. It's supposed to be that the more you talk to him the more he learns. As it is, he has the internet hooked up to him, so that's a plus, I think." She smiled and looked at Brighton. "Hello Brighton."

"Good afternoon Miss Winters," Brighton answered.

"Brighton has basic face recognition, he knows where faces are, like a camera, then he can analyze and remember it for later. Isn't that right Mr. B?"

"Of course, Miss Winters. The facial recognition software is fully loaded and operational."

"Brighton I'd like you to meet our new friend, Reneé. He's going to be our room mate here at the Academy."

Brighton 'looked' at Reneé. "Pleased to meet you, room mate Reneé."

Raisa smiled. "Go ahead, ask him anything."

[[Brighton looks like this guy from a certain game. He's going to be pretty much a side character run by me. He's a piece of equipment, but soon I want him to be like Nick and Shade, pretty much lopped together, no?]]
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The Omskivar

chah, dude
Katie raised her eyebrows, semi-incredulously (something she did not often do at home). He actually talked like that. Even by reading his mind (she should really stop doing that because privacy and rude) she couldn't really tell if he was dead-set on maintaining this persona of his or he legitimately thought he was some...Prince of Darkness, or some such. And what had he said?

"'Magery' did you say?" she responded, missing nary a beat. "Well that seems to imply some sort of magic basis for it, which sort of...isn't what it is. Really what happens is my mind itself just sort of...separates from my body. Essentially I'm a ghost, if you want to think of it that way, but really it's a phased-out consciousness free to move about on its own, sort of transcending any physical boundaries and I think possibly slipping in and out of phase, that's sort of something I haven't tested out yet in the interest of safety." Katie ran a finger through her hair and adjusted her glasses, unnecessarily. "I'm sorry, I'm rambling. I do that a lot, it's why I don't talk much. But no, no magery. What about you? Where did you happen across four--um, Dark Hamster Gods, like those?"


Egahds, I've been gone a long while!

"Um..." Reneé stammered. He had a guess she may have had something like an AI, but meeting it face to "face" was rather unnerving. 'Maybe I need to quit watching so many science fiction films..." Reneé thought to himself as he attempted to put together a sentence in his mind.

"Uh, good evening Brighton." Reneé stated, his eyes only barely visible over the screen he held.

"Good evening to you too, room-mate Reneé." Brighton responded, dipping himself ever so forward as if indicating a bow.

"Oh, uh, you can just address me as Reneé..." Reneé replied slightly sheepishly. 'And there goes my introversion...' Reneé inwardly groaned.

"Thank-you, Reneé, for providing a more comfortable method of address." Brighton replied, seemingly taking no hint of Reneé's slight discomfort. Reneé sighed ever so slightly as he returned his gaze to his 3DS, smiling as he heard the jingle of the original Pokémon Gold bicycle music started up. 'Best item in HeartGold, bar-none!' Reneé thought happily as his thumb twitched, pulling the control stick down.

"So, Raisa, how exactly did you pay for the technology to develop Brighton? I understand that your ability would make a for a significant aid, but there still needs to be funding, and what seems like a private project to develop this, you called it a VI? As in Virtual Intelligence or Interface?" Reneé asked, his mood having been easily improved by his game. 'One little distraction and that silly introversion fades...'

Black Yoshi

Nick was digging through his bag for his phone charger when he heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. He leaned out the door to see who could be walking so loudly, and saw a tall woman with her dark hair in a messy bun. She had three bright red streaks on the left side of her head. She was wearing very typical clothes, just jeans with a short sleeve. He felt like he had made a mistake the moment she made eye contact with him. “You, come here.” Without waiting for a response from him, she closed in and grabbed him roughly by the chin. He was pretty sure he smelled alcohol on her. “Open your mouth.” She demanded. He obliged without complaint. She looked into his mouth, jerked his head left and right, and then shoved him back into his room. “Well, you’re not going to die. You might throw up or get the runs, but you can suck it up and deal with it. But exposure was minimal. Even those are unlikely.”

“Not going to – wait, you’re the doctor?” Nick blinked and rubbed his jaw where she’d been clenching it.

“Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.” She rolled her eyes. “When you do throw up, or whatever, there’s a closet down the hall thataway, next to the fire extinguisher. There’s empty buckets in there. Try not to blow chunks on the carpet, we only got it a couple years ago. You are officially exempt from the… What did he call it? Lockdown? Pfft. Yeah right. Whatever.” With a laugh, she moved on to the next student she spied. Nick only sat there, unsure how he was supposed to react. The Doctor treated other students with much the same attitude, giving them all pretty much the same “suck it up” assessment.

So far as he could tell, she thought this was all pointless. Certainly, the lockdown wasn’t to be taken seriously. It was more likely that Moriarty was just overcautious and paranoid. Vidal was no doubt dangerous, but it was possible that Moriarty overestimated them all. Calling them all deadly, for example. Nick found it hard to believe that Vidal’s roommate, for example, was lethal at any level. She was so timid and frightened, it seemed. That was only a first impression, but even so.

And then there was Eris. She was frightening, but even with the incident in the ring where he was too scared to move, he wasn’t sure that her powers were deadly. Certainly they could make it easier for her to kill someone, but he didn’t see any way that the power themselves were lethal. Hell, maybe this whole school’s nothing but one bad joke. He tossed the rest of his belongings into his cupboard in a more or less orderly fashion. Well, if he was free of Lockdown, the only thing left was to find the Cafeteria, right? Besides, it seemed like Eris was lagging behind the others, and if he could be gone before she showed up, all the better. But first, he had to check the “toilet.” If there was only one, he was hitch hiking his way home tonight.

But opening the door revealed a tiny, four foot hallway, and a perpendicular hallway with only two more doors. One for “Ladies,” and one for “Gentlemen.” Entering the Men’s room revealed to Nick that they in fact had four stalls, and three urinals, with five sinks all mashed extremely close together. The Stall in the very back had plastic all over, from the floor to ceiling, and had a huge biohazard stamp on the front. Vidal’s own special toilet. Huh. Well, that was one mystery solved. Nick returned to the hallways and, unsure of where to go, only waited by the stairs for someone else to be “lifted” from the Lockdown. Might as well search with someone else for the Cafeteria, once they're free to go.


Uh, I didn't do it.
Okay, Raisa was proud of her little blue friend. He'd done well, responded and everything. She, admitedly, had been a bit worried, she wasn't sure if the software that registered voice commands would pick him up. She was more than happy it did.

"So, Raisa, how exactly did you pay for the technology to develop Brighton? I understand that your ability would make a for a significant aid, but there still needs to be funding, and what seems like a private project to develop this, you called it a VI? As in Virtual Intelligence or Interface?"

Great, she knew that was coming. " Intelligence, since I am basically my own interface as it is... as for the financing bit... Let's just say that, well, money is not an issue in my family."

"Raisa Winters, daughter of coporate CEO of Greyhaven Corporation Richard Winters, second wealthiest CEO in the United States, voted Executive of the Year. The Winters family's estimated worth of-"

"Brighton..." she interuppted the machine.

"Yes, Miss Winters?"

"Shut up."

"Noted. Is there anything else I can assist you with?"

"No." She glanced at Reneé. "Look, yeah, I'm that Raisa Winters, but, the whole school doesn't need to know that, okay?" she looked down. "I barely know my dad anyways, at least, not really anymore. I'd rather that it wasn't, you know, all over the school." She glared at Brighton. "And you sir, need to know when not to talk."


Egahds, I've been gone a long while!

Reneé snickered slightly at Raisa's scolding of Brighton.

"Hadn't you just told me to give him room for error?" Reneé asked with an almost foolish grin.

"Greyhaven? Now that rings a bell, and a clear one at that. Mom mentioned them once, said they had a contract to acquire the organs of corpses that no-body would come to claim; predominately prostitutes, druggies, dealers, and bums. Oh, right, my mother is a morgue doctor...I kind of worked part-time with her, and she has a hard time keeping things to herself when working, usually because she'd work alone..." Reneé sighed, half of his parent's careers were revealed, and he admitted to working with corpses...

"That's also how I came into the number of souls I've absorbed." Reneé mumbled, now feeling embarrassed.


It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.
Priam had just finished putting his clothes away when the door burst open again. This time, the one entering was a tall dark-haired woman - the school doctor, apparently. Before Priam had time to say anything, she'd already beckoned him closer, gave him a brief examination before simply telling him that the worst he could expect from the brief exposure to Vidal's fumes was nausea and similar symptoms. While she was in the room, Priam considered asking her the questions he'd thought of regarding his sustenance, but decided against it. It would do no good, he figured, for him to bring that subject up in front of Serena. As he'd repeated to himself while entering the school, it would always be better for people to know as little about his condition as possible.

"Lived in sewers for two years," was all he muttered after the doctor had stopped examining him, "brief exposure shouldn't affect me much." He glanced over at the book he'd set aside - the cover was an almost solid yellow, with a black oval in the center, and a red streak cutting that oval diagonally.

Alan Moore's Watchmen. He always liked that book - liked the idea of seeing a world where the superhuman was in the public eye, and other heroes were also present. He liked the idea that with these people in the public, the resulting fallout nearly ended the world itself. It was, he believed, a reminder. A reminder as to why people like him needed to be hidden away. The fact that the characters in that book all had unique dynamics... that was a simple bonus; analyzing those characters was something he did for often hours at a time, particularly when the old man first introduced him to the book.

He found it incredibly unlikely that Serena would be as interested in books like this as he was, but as for the others... there could be others here that enjoyed this kind of book. As always, he would watch to see if this was the case - no need at all to reach out over a perceived common ground, only for the perception to be untrue.


"Oh?" Something like that certainly sounded like it could be magical, but it seemed to depend on your definition of magic. Whether magic was something one just inherently had, or had to abide by a different set of rules... in any case, it was an interesting power, and it would be best to keep it in mind. Although, that could end up applying to all those in the Academy with him... "The information was relevant."

She wanted to know the origin of the Four Dark Gods? Excellent. "The Four Dark Gods of Destruction? I bred them myself." He grinned. "I am an animal breeder first and foremost... although those who are worthy know of my study into the arcane arts as well." Deciding that he was done unpacking for the day, he walked over the hamster cage and opened it, taking his companions out of his scarf and letting them in. He shut the cage and took to the rocking chair, picking his books up off the seat. Perhaps he would read one of them after he fully answered her question. "Although, even I have been unable to locate the gene, strand of life, or other source of their powers. Perhaps it's exposure and built-up resistance to my dark aura? It certainly is a puzzle; one that seems almost unsolvable here, but perhaps this school could be more useful than first impressions gather."

The door opened widely with no warning, and a tall woman strode in, demanding both of them be examined. "You first, boy in the rocking chair. Come here." She was probably the doctor, considering how unlikely it was that anyone else would be disturbing him, but...

"Are you qualified to examine animals?" He had to make sure his hamsters were safe.

"I'm not a vet, but for something like this it should be simple. Come here." Instead of waiting, she came to him; she rushed over in such a way that Gundam was afraid she would step on the tubes lying over the floor (was he going to have to fear this regularly?), but she seemed to be adequately aware of them. She examined him roughly and quickly, forcing his mouth open instead of asking, then stepping out of the ring and looking at Katie next. She didn't look once at the hamster cage.

"... What - but what about the Dark Gods?"

"If you mean your hamsters, kid, there's no point looking at them. You're clean. I can't imagine your pets being poisoned, especially when they're running around like that." Gundam turned to look, and sure enough, the Four Dark Gods were running around vigorously; Cham-P on the wheel, and Maga-G being chased by Sun-D into the tubes. Jum-P, always tired, looked about to doze off... but that was no surprise.

Gundam flushed red from anger and embarrassment, but had no comeback. Muttering lowly about how "the beasts are not pets", he flipped open his book and purposefully began to read.

The Omskivar

chah, dude
Their conversation interrupted, Katie flipped open her laptop and booted it up as the school nurse (perhaps there was a better word for such an esteemed place; cleric? Healer? Patron saint--better to just avoid a title) tended to Gundam. Soon enough it was her turn; she closed the screen slightly and opened her mouth when asked. The Doctor (an amusing term enough, considering Katie's brief stint with the television program) smelled strongly of--vodka? sangria? a little of everything, truth be told--but she wasn't intoxicated at all (at least as far as Katie could tell; all of the faculty seemed to be under some sort of ward so she couldn't hear anything), and was done with her checkup within seconds.

"You don't even have a slight trace," the Doctor commented, smirking. "What did you do, hold your breath for ten minutes?"

"Um--well, yes, technically," Katie answered, shrugging. The Doctor looked impressed, which looked...unfitting on her. "I was out of my body when Vidal took his suit off. By the time I reintegrated the room was clear, I think."

"Lucky you," said the Doctor indifferently. "This room is clean." She turned and left the room. Katie considered talking to Gundam again after she had gone, but his mind was spewing all sorts of mad and embarrassed and she figured he needed a minute or two to relax. She pulled up the Academy's website and typed 'cafeteria' into the search bar; nothing came up. She tried all sorts of things--source code changes, hidden links, anything she could think of--but there was no information whatsoever.

She opened the window, then closed the laptop and, briefly, her eyes. An insect of some sort flew into the room (not a bug, it lacked the slight but noticeable difference in buzzing due to the wing structure, most likely Hymenoptera but she couldn't get more specific while trying to rest her eyes) but Kaite paid it no special attention. She was hungry, but she had packed a decent amount of food in her bags. And she wasn't one for games, she had only come here to do research, not jump through hoops--and yet, the way to privilege was through perseverance. To get on Moriarty's good side, to acquire access to as many files as possible, perhaps it was in her best interest to play along for a while.

She hopped off the bed. "I'm starving. Gundam, what say we find that cafeteria?"

Lil Kuchiki

I'm like a sassy beverage. Sass-parilla. eeey
No response. Huh. How very boring. "You don't talk much, I take it?" Serena asked. Of course, the next moment there was a lady in there, probably the doctor, jerking Priam's head around and checking him for poison. She heard him mutter something to her.

The Doc came to Serena next, hardly waiting a moment or giving her a chance to breath. She let the woman pull her head around and look in her mouth without complaint, though she did have questions. But it seemed they would have to wait, as she was gone after proclaiming Serena clean, just as quickly as she had come.

"... So, that's a nice flask. Kinda' strange, though." Serena commented, bringing her attention back to Priam. "I mean, you don't seem old enough to drink. Isn't it a bit odd to, you know, carry booze around with you? Guess it could sort of explain why you look... Sick. Ill. That sounds mean, sorry. You understand what I'm saying, though." She idly picked up one of Priam's books and examined it. He'd been glancing at it a moment ago. Watchmen. Well, she'd heard of it, but really, she wasn't much of a reader. Actually, she was a terrible reader. But her little sister liked comics pretty well.

Her stomach growled and she set the book down. "I'm getting hungry, Priam. We should look for the cafeteria! Come on, like you aren't hungry! Look at you, you're so skinny. You could use a fattening meal or two... Or seven. Teen. Seventeen." Serena passed him a smile. "The least you could do is go exploring the school with your roommate. Your gorgeous roommate, I might add." Maybe that last bit was unnecessary, but Serena figured it didn't hurt anything to give oneself a compliment once in a while.


It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.
Priam tensed when he saw Serena expressing interest in his flask. For a moment, he feared that she might actually request a sample of the substance inside, but it turned out she was merely observing how unusual it was for someone his age to be carrying around such a thing. Well, she's not wrong, he thought when she wondered if the flask was correlated to his physical condition. Still, if she thinks that this stuff is alcohol and goes after it later on...

"Medicine," he simply said, "was recommended to have it on hand at all times." He sat down on his bed after saying this, "not hungry. Go on ahead." Going off to a cafeteria with food that he couldn't ingest didn't sound like his idea of a fun evening, particularly if that plan also entailed spending more time with people that he didn't feel particularly inclined to spend time with.


If this Lockdown really had ended, then Priam could go and find the health office, where he could air his concerns about the impracticalities of the system of how he received his sustenance. No need for Serena - or anyone else - to follow him to his destination, of course, so for the time being he merely needed to give the impression that he didn't want to go anywhere for the evening... which was more or less the truth. Grabbing the book, he lay down on the bed and flipped back to the page he'd left off at. All the while, he silently hoped that Serena would take the hint and leave him be.


Gundam had paid little attention to Katie's examination; instead, fuming silently, he had attempted to divert his mind with reading. It was more like just like looking at the words; he had grabbed a spellbook he'd already read several dozen times. It was one he had packed without thinking. As such, when he looked over the familiar words again - "burn the aloe as an act of irony, remove all barriers and you will become that much more powerful" - he skimmed naturally, his mind flowing over the words without re-absorbing them. His train of thought went nowhere; all there was to mark the course was a feeling of frustration and shame combined. Of course, he knew he should be relieved, too... the Four Dark Gods were safe, even though their honor was insulted.

He was, luckily, brought out of his abstractions - "basil is one of the best common herbs for exorcisms, as its strong scent and powerful aura can draw out the worst of demons" - by a question. Gundam had his own reserves, but appraising the school's stock would be useful for later, he supposed. No inventory could last forever. In addition, scoping out the location of the cafeteria was an assignment given by the headmaster, if he recalled correctly... playing along would do no harm, for now.

"A wise proposition. We shall head off in search for the elusive cauldron henceforth, then!"

He set down his spellbook, and looked at his hamster cage, considering briefly whether to bring the Four Dark Gods. Today had been rather eventful, and perhaps it would have been optimal for them to adjust to their new room... but it was the same cage as always, and habitually they went wherever he did. So, as much for his comfort as theirs (there was no telling what perils they might face on their journey, considering what had happened previously), he opened the door of the cage and held out his hand. Cham-P ran off the wheel and up his arm first, quickly followed by Maga-G, then Sun-D and Jum-P. They nestled themselves in his muffler and settled in without incident.

He closed the door of the cage and walked out into the hallway, keeping the door open for his roommate to follow. There he hesitated; was finding the cafeteria so hard as to be truly considered a test? If so, they should at least plan ahead and evaluate their current surroundings, to avoid careless wandering...

"If finding this elusive rations house is as much of an assessment as stated, then we must have a direction, a course to follow. Unless, of course, your stomach may sense the location of food as instinctively as a shark may... in which case you may be the one to forge a path yourself."


Uh, I didn't do it.
Raisa just nodded. So his family 'donated' to Greyhaven. Did they have any idea the experiments that they were helping? As for the 'absorbing souls of the dead' thing, that, she was skepticalabout. She wasn't particularly spiritual at all. Honestly, she didn't believe that there were souls. Maybe he interprets whatever energy he absorbs as a soul, when in fact maybe it's something more quantum physic-y, like potential energy or something.

She activated her personal interface, the holograms only she could see floated in front of her. Code scrolled as she checked over the code that was Brighton.

That was a scary thought. Potential energy? Wasn't that what...

Fuck she was sharing a room with a pyrokinetic Weeping Angel.


Raisa reached for a bit of code in front of her. It wasn't really needed, it was just extra data that would slow Brighton down. She 'grabbed' it with her right hand and scrunched it up, tossing the data to the side, essentially 'deleting' it. Nothin' but net, she joked to herself. She turned to Reneé. "Don't worry, not creeped out. Interesting, maybe, but not creepy. As for the soul thing, well... I don't plan on dying any time soon ifI can help it."

She paused, glancing at the door. "Speaking of possibly dying, where is that doctor? I'm starving and last I heard this lockdown was still going on."

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After the sparring, everything else turned into a blur.

Going to his room; talking to his roommate, James; Nestor had no idea what was going on. He felt being rigorously checked up by a doctor, but how he or she looked like Nestor had no idea. Suddenly, he snapped back to reality. "The cafeteria" he whispered. Not being able to find his roommate in his immediate area he sped off in the general direction of the lobby. "Best place to start would be the center, yeah?" Nestor said to himself. Passing many rooms and corridors, he arrived at the bottom of the stairs, panting, gasping for breath. If James didn't turn up, perhaps he could ask one of the others, if they even came by...


Egahds, I've been gone a long while!

"Hahaha, yeah well, let's hope not, eh?" Reneé replied happily. Seconds later the door flew open, a woman looking several years older than Reneé stood in the doorway. Her expression looked like a fine mix between irritation and disinterest. She pointed at Reneé and stated,

"Here, now." Reneé obliged quite quickly, and stood in-front of her only for her to start tugging his head around, examining his mouth, ears, nose and finally eyes. Her brow raised slightly at the sight of his right eye, but she quickly dismissed it and said,

"Your clean, gasses had no effect on you. I suppose you could wash your clothes if your some sort of germo-phobe." Reneé smiled slightly as he returned to his bed.

"Lockdown's lifted on you two as soon as I see you." She stated as she raised a finger in Raisa's direction.


Uh, I didn't do it.
"Miss Winters, I believe I may have located the doctor in question."

"Oh really," she called back to Brighton sarcastically, watching as the doctor inspected Reneé, who, according to said doctor, was perfectly fine. "I didn't notice."

The woman pointed at her. Guess it was her turn. With a bit of a groan she pulled herself away from the bed. The doctor didn't look like any doctor she had ever seen. Died hair, jeans and a t-shirt. Well, she thought, not the weirdest thing I've seen today, that's for sure. She walked up to the doctor, who then began poking and prodding her. "Uh, you have a name doc?"

"Locke," came the irritated response. Raisa's vision blurred as a bright light was flashed in her eyes. Why did doctor's always need to do that?

With a satisfied nod the doctor stepped away. "You're fine," she grunted.

Without another word the doctor left, leaving Raisa standing there with a raised brow. "Well, that was not what I expected."

1. Luftballon

The tall woman who entered the room not too long after was nothing like Priscilla’s image of a doctor. She didn’t look like, one, for one; and while Priscilla perhaps wasn’t exactly qualified to judge others on their choice of clothing, she was quite sure that some safety equipment should be expected, but then this woman wasn’t wearing any sort of safety equipment. Even that aside, she had a generally messy look, and she was loud.

Opening the door (avoiding the umbrellas seemingly without effort), the woman declared, "I’m the doctor, got it? You're the last pair, so get over here so I can tell you you won’t die and you’re fine," and Priscilla backed futilely away into the corner of the room under cover of The Central Science (picked up from where she’d left it on the bed); but the doctor woman’s first victim was Thomas, toward which she turned and said, "You first."

This gave Priscilla a moment’s reprieve until the doctor woman returned slightly (more) annoyed and tell her to hurry up and get over.

The doctor woman’s inspection, Priscilla thought, was rather shoddy, and ended with the woman giving a pfft and asking, "What, out-of-body experience?" When Priscilla began failing to respond, the doctor woman simply waved her off and told her that there wasn’t a trace and that she was exempt from Moriarty’s lockdown, but with more expletives and followed by stomping down the hall muttering about a certain paranoid fool wasting her time.

Priscilla remained where she was sitting, wide-eyed and speechless.
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Egahds, I've been gone a long while!

Reneé didn't pay much attention to the doctor's rather quick and dismissive examination of Raisa, assuming that, because he was fine, she would be too. Doctor Locke left the room with what seemed like a huff after telling Raisa she was fine. Some sort of grumbling could be heard but the topic of such was impossible for Reneé to make out, not that he was trying though.

"Yeah...whatever, at least we're fine!" Reneé replied. "Now I can- oh...I'm hungry. I don't even know why, that was like, a sudden pang or something. Shit, maybe a telepathic wave, but something tells me it won't go away until I've consumed something...oh...the principal did mention how finding the cafeteria would be a challenge. Hmm..."

Reneé made for his laptop, seeing if there was anything on the Black Moon Academy's cafeteria. "Pfft. Who was I kidding? Like the internet would have anything considerably substantial in terms of information about this place..." Reneé grumped as the lid of his computer shut. "Well, I suppose we could go look for it. As anyone knows, two heads can work better together than apart..."

The Omskivar

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Katie sighed and massaged her temple with one hand, rubbing her navel with the other to maximize concentration. She had seen a map of the place, but couldn't remember any bizzarities (at least none that would suggest a hidden cafeteria). The logical approach, then.

"Well the cafeteria would need a good deal of space for the kitchen, depending on how many students are here, which has to be at least...well a lot, really." She felt like something was dampening her thoughts, as if any information that would be helpful would be harder to reach. "I don't remember the exact number, but I remember being surprised that there were that many people here. And with the special diets of some of the students--anyway, there would be a lot of space. And all of the utilities and such would have to be closer to the ground--so the top floors are out, for sure. I say we poke around the second floor and see what we can find."

Her head hurt, which was abnormal. Katie refrained from heading for the stairs, in the case that Gundam had a better suggestion.