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Create Stuff & Chill


Actual Nosepass
Since we've been talking about making music on profile posts, I'd like to share a remix I made some time ago! ^^

Spoiler for my thoughts: Maaaybe all the squishy sounds aren't super necessary, and I kind of couldn't figure out how to make the Silence Bridge route theme segment sound good so I kind of gave up around then xD If I were to revisit it, maybe I'd have some more energy to figure out that part some more.


Flowers. So many of the same. So many unneeded.
A while back, I said something about making toys for my sister, but forgot to show everyone till today!


Two of them are made out of towel/terry cloth and the pink one is made out of extra soft plush fabric. The white one turned out kind of wonky, which is why it’s only in one photo :P

Edit: I also made this Ditto for my brother a while back. Might as well put it in here


Kung Fu Ferret

The Usurper
Professor Baobab has discovered a new Uthingolian form and evolution! Uthingolian Dwebble is a Bug/Normal type that lives in a bongo drum.
It evolves into Percussle who lives in an even bigger African drum.

Some plot details for Uthingo: You moved to Uthingo from Hoenn with your parents. They brought the family pet, a (Hoennian) Poochyena with them.
Your rival is a local girl named Marula.
The new gimmick Uthingo has (along with the regional variants and Megas), is Sigma Combo moves. There are a lot of Double Battles in the Uthingo league. Use two particular moves and BAM! A new combo move. You can only use TWO Sigma moves in a battle, and they can't be in consecutive turns.