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What is this I hear about having Pikachu and another rare Pokémon in a bag and you imbeciles not bringing it to me?

In addition:

I've never met this man in my life and if he ever speaks again you have my express permission to shoot him on sight.

((late-to-party Giovanni is late to party but the name change didn't go through fast enough D:))
( ... Jess, it's the boss. WHAT DO WE DO WHAT DO WE DO )

[ PRODUCES BAG-IN-A-BOX, ... sticks it in even more rubber. IT CAN'T HURT RIGHT ] Pikachu is right here, sir! As well as the -- whatever it is.

Yessir! [ SALUTE ]
...and what exactly is this green thing supposed to be, anyway? What does it do? Persian thinks it looks useless. I am not impressed. *scratches Persian behind the ears*
[ He has no idea. None. At all. ... WHERE IS MEOWTH FOR AWFUL IDEAS WHEN YOU NEED HIM ]

You could use it on a treadmill for electricity?
But.. but... I'm useful! D: Look, I can fry you pop- QUICKLY ARYLETT AND BLAZHY BLOW SHIT UP
*rides in on a Mall Cop Scooter and hands some dynamite* He did say you two should blow things up!

(also pssst blazhy you have a battle to ref nudgenudge)
Well, um... Mr. Giovanni, sir... may I call you that? I am Arylett, that green ferret thingy that you have no idea what to do with is my fiance (I KNOW WHAT YOU CAN USE HIM FOR! He can microwave popcorn!), the one with the bizarre toes is my fiance's sister, and the chick on the Mall Cop Scooter currently trying to blow up your office is a Zorark.
And I'm just here because the place looked flammable >.> <.<

*places a Ditto transformed in a Mew right beside James and waits to see what happens* :3
MY NAME IS BUTCH YOU, YOU...! *looks at Giovanni*

Um, sorry, sir. What should I do, sir?

OH, and by the way, guys, have you seen Cassidy anywhere? I can't find her...
Oh, her? I sent her to Eterna City and told her it was the Pokemon League.

By the way, she's really stupid.
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