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Damage and Energy Guide

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Alright I see what everyone is saying. So would you have to give Shuckle a plus in defenses ? Or any other pokemon in a simliar spot?
Hmm, it would be more correct to say that for a shuckle with +6 defense would take damage like a pokémon with a neutral defense stat with +8 defense. No pokémon can have a stat modifier greater than +6 under ordinary circumstances, so shuckle can't literally get to +8 defense.
So the first page says we can tweak the scale to make it ours, so can we have a personal scale that uses the old evolution modifier instead of EXP?
Another question! For energy it says...

3. Account for the Attack's Effects

If the attack has an added effect, such as a chance to inflict the target with a status condition or lower one of their stats, with a greater than 20% chance of occurring, then add one to the energy total. This affects attacks that always have a secondary effect, such as icy wind, and is taken into account before considering any abilities that alter effect chance, such as sheer force or serene grace.

Blast burn has no secondary effects, so its energy cost remains 10%. If this were instead a flamethrower, no energy would be added because flamethrower's chance to burn is only 10%. If, however, this were a thunder attack, with a 30% chance of causing paralysis, the energy cost would be increased by 1%.

Blast burn energy cost remains at 10%? I followed along with the energy up to this point using blast burn and I have 8% so far. How did it get to 10%?
I'm very sorry if this question isn't in the right thread but all it says for the move substitute is in this thread is:

7. Substitute

The energy needed to make a substitute is equal to half the health the substitute will have, rounded up.

This is the only thing I can see that refers to how the move works other than whats in the Attacks and Abilities part where it just stats how the move is used but not how it is calculated. Am I missing a thread? Or could someone possibly explain how this move is calculated?
You can choose to make a Substitute with 10%, 15% or 20% health. It works like in the games -- however much health you put into the substitute is deducted from your own health. Each substitute takes half as much energy to create, rounded up, as the amount of health it will have.
But there is a limit to the number of clones a Pokemon can create right? Its determined by the speed of the Pokemon as to how many clones can be created right?
It's based on Speed. Some people put the max at {BaseSpeed / 10}, while others use {BaseSpeed / 12}, and some even {BaseSpeed / 20}.
Each attack's damage is calculated separately at its normal base power, including weaknesses/resistances and such. Overall damage gets a +2% bonus.
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