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Damage and Energy Guide

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not well-defined to our knowledge; games use a damaging 40 bp typeless physical, though.

(we've used 40 bp typeless physical, discounting stab entirely, before, and it didn't seem to be complained about.)
I usually do 2% flat, plus another 1% for every two levels of attack boosts/defense drops the pokémon has accrued. As long as it's around 2-3% damage most of the time, however you deal with it's fine.
Do Swallow and Spit Up cost any energy in addition to what the Pokemon has already Stockpiled?

Is Spit Up subject to anti-STAB, EXP modifiers, and stat changes?
Just a note, everyone, we've moved status ailments to the first post of this thread. We've also overhauled critical hits to be more similar to the effects in-game as of Gen 6, and included critical hit information in the first post.
I've edited the damage and energy portions of the guide. Rounding now no longer happens between steps, instead occurring only at the very end. Anti-STAB is no longer actively recommended, though refs that wish to continue using it may do so. Finally, I clarified that all moves with effects other than simply dealing damage (e.g. moves with priority, moves with semi-invulnerability, moves that remove the target's item, etc. the list goes on!) also cost an extra 1% energy. The exception is, as before, moves with chance-based secondary effects with a 20% or lower chance of occurring.

It... appears this thread is locked, so if you have any questions or concerns, please bring them up in the question or suggestion box!
Be advised that critical hit chances have been reverted to what they were before we overhauled them, though the damage bonus remains the same.

edit: In case you didn't look at the rates for the higher domains because you never had to deal with them, the old stages were 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%. Unless both battlers would like to switch over to the new system, battles that were already running when this change was made should be using the old rates, though it's not such a big deal here.
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