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Do you own any Pokemon Merchandise?


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I've got a bunch of plush toys :3 My favorite Pikachu is a big one with no tail named Nakkie that my aunt found for us at a yard sale one time. But yeah we have a bunch of plushies and figures, including a Palkia keychain my sister bought for me that I keep with my house keys now. I also have several Pokemon t-shirts..

This is weird but I also have Pokemon gummy/fruit rollup wrappers from like 2000 ~__~

Finally, my prized plush.....


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I had a few plushies but my dad threw them away when I was younger and got an after-school detention...again.


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I have an autumn Deerling plush from the Pokémon Centre. :3


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I have plenty of little figures, I (had) have a (stolen) Ash Ketchum from my friend,there's the big Pikachu on my bed, several mangas, a broken Charmander key-chain, a broken Piplup pen, I have two Pokeballs with golden cards in them(with box), and that's about all.


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I own several Pokédolls I got before Pokémoncenter.com closed down. I am considering collecting them again, though ordering online is a pain and I'm four hours away from New York, so driving up to Nintendo World would be a hassle, hehe.

My personal favorite is my Celebi <3


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I was clearing out the attic and sold most of my Pokémon merchandise in a jumble sale. I was sorry to part with them but there really wasn't enough room. I do have a small Pikachu plush left though, because there's some good memories attached to that one. This isn't a photo of my own toy, but it basically looks identical to this person's photo. I also kept a small Gengar and Venusaur keyring, though the 'Saur might be bootleg, er, I dunno. It's not that well-made anyway... I sold a Blastoise, Poliwhirl and a fat, gigantic Pikachu toy (Again, not my photo, but it basically looked like this). Maybe some others. I'm also trying to sell my Pokémon cards but oh God, how the hell did I get so many?

The kid I sold the big Pikachu plushie to seemed really delighted about it, and I have to admit that made me smile.

EDIT - Oh wait, I do have a photo of the Gengar that's actually mine

and there's an opening in the back to store money in:

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I have two Pikachu plushes (one is electronic and talking, the other is a bag that I have put money in), one Victini plush, a Marill pillow, a few old Pokémon toys from Burger King, and a few 24-karate gold Pokémon cards inside Poké Balls, which are also from Burger King. I also have an old school accessory set, which are a Bulbasaur pencil sharpener, a Pikachu stapler, a Jigglypuff adhesive tape dispenser, and a Poliwhirl flexible measuring tape.

I used to collect Pokémon trading cards. I still own them stored in a Pokémon binder; I have never given away, sold, or traded any Pokémon cards. I have hundreds of them, but I know that some of you have more. I am going to collect Pokémon plushies; I have gone to a store that sells them. I also have a deck of Pokémon standard playing cards that are not trading.

One more thing: Still hung on my wall is a big wallscroll of Pikachu in the very close foreground, and many Bug Pokémon, grass, trees, landscape, and scenery in the background.
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I've got a few ancient plushies from the 90s - Meowth, Gengar, and Blastoise - I picked up at a second-hand sale in my sister's school. More recently, my parents got me some small figures of Wobuffet and Squirtle.