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Emergency Referee Outpost

Coroxn and I have agreed to end our ancient battle, and Skyman hasn't replied yet - he has apparently been inactive as of late.

All we need is a ref to end this battle, so we'd love for that to be arranged, please ^-^
Okay um... could someone please DQ Conrad from this battle for me? He hasn't been on since September, and I have no idea what's going on with the current ref (Glace), who I haven't seen in a while but has apparently been online fairly recently...?

Thanks in advance to whoever does this. edit: to pathos for taking care of this! :D
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Is it possible to get an e-ref over here??? It's been a while and I dunno if Pathos is still out of commission or not, but I'd really like this battle to continue, bitte. :<
So sorry to everyone but all of my reffings are gonna need e-refs.

Additionally I will be gone for ~three months. And I am so sorry about that. I'll be on when I can but I most likely never can so. Happy end of school year guys.
So yeah, MD and I would really appreciate it if someone could referee our battle (4vs4 single, 50% damage cap, nothing fancy) since The Omskivar can't internet for ages. It's only in its third round and this is our second referee so I guess you'll get like a bajillion dollars for reffing all of it? :D it would mean so much to us!
Since The Omskivar is gone, we'll need an e-ref. The battle is hardly started, and the arena is effectively empty, considering our teams.

Oh and since Kratos is taking leave from ASB for a while, Zhorken and I also need an e-ref for this battle (4vs4 single, switch, DQ is one week and damage cap is 50%) We're about ~halfway through with us both using our second pokemon out of four. Would really appreciate a ref! Actions were posted about two months ago or something I think we're both keen to finish this battle. :o
Ok, so I know that RTB posted, but he mentioned the 'end of the week' and it's already been a loong time and there's been no update.

So requested an e-ref for this battle.
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