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Event Moves

Lord of the Fireflies

Back in black.
Hello there! I've been meaning to do this for quite a while, and finally got around to it, so here goes nothing.

Some of you may have noticed that through the revival of ASB, and by extent the creation of the database, it is now a lot easier for refs and players to find out what exactly is the full movepool of any given pokémon, thanks to the awesome work of a truly committed team here. Again, many thanks to all those who contributed, and made this possible.

Some moves, however, were left behind during the transition. This is mainly due to the fact that they are extremely hard to retrace, being learned through long-past events or other bizarre means. Since the revival team had already so much on their hands, it comes as no surprise that they remained under the radar. Now that the league has somewhat settled down and things seem to run smoothly, we as a community are trying to fine-tune every aspect of the game, in the name of balance, integrity, and fun.

I would like to use this opportunity to put those forgotten moves back on the table. I did a little research myself to bring out the most obvious ones, and while some of them are already in the database as the pokémon learn them through other means, there are some hidden gems in there. Have a look!

Bulbasaur – Ancientpower

Charmander - Crunch

Squirtle – Zap Cannon

Spearow – Sonicboom

Nidoran (f) – Lovely Kiss, Moonlight, Sweet Kiss

Nidoran (m) - Lovely Kiss, Morning Sun, Sweet Kiss

Zubat – Flail

Oddish – Leech Seed

Paras – Synthesis

Psyduck – Petal Dance, Tri-Attack

Poliwag – Growth, Lovely Kiss, Sweet Kiss

Abra – Foresight

Machop – False Swipe, Trash

Bellsprout – Lovely Kiss, Sweet Kiss

Tentacool – Confuse Ray

Geodude – Rapid Spin

Ponyta – Low Kick

Magnemite – Agility

Farfetch’d – Fury Cutter

Doduo – Low Kick

Seel – Flail

Onyx – Sharpen

Drowsee – Amnesia

Krabby – Metal Claw

Voltorb – Agility

Exeggutor – Sweet Scent

Cubone – Fury Attack

Lickitung – Double Slap

Chansey – Sweet Scent

Tangela – Synthesis

Kangaskhan – Feint Attack

Horsea – Haze

Goldeen – Swords Dance

Staryu – Twister

Mr. Mime – Mind Reader

Scyther – Sonic Boom

Pinsir – Rock Throw

Tauros – Quick Attack

Magikarp – Bubble, Reversal

Lapras – Bite, Future Sight

Eevee – Growth

Porygon – Barrier

Omanyte – Rock Throw

Kabuto – Rock Throw

Aerodactyl – Rock Throw

Snorlax – Lovely Kiss, Splash, Sweet Kiss

Dratini – Hydro Pump

Chikorita – Petal Dance

Cyndaquil – Double-Edge

Totodile – Submission

Sentret – Dizzy Punch

Hoothoot – Night Shade

Ledyba – Barrier

Spinarak – Growth

Chinchou – Light Screen

Pichu – Dizzy Punch, Petal Dance, Scary Face, Sing

Cleffa – Petal Dance, Scary Face, Swift

Igglybuff – Mimic, Petal Dance, Scary Face

Natu – Safeguard

Marill – Dizzy Punch, Hydro Pump, Scary Face

Sudowoodo – Substitute

Hoppip – Agility

Aipom – Mimic

Sunkern – Spash

Yanma – Steel Wing, Sweet Kiss

Wooper – Belly Drum, Scary Face

Murkrow – Beat Up

Misdreavus – Hypnosis

Wobuffet – Mimic

Pineco – Substitute

Dunsparce – Fury Attack, Horn Drill

Snubbull – Lovely Kiss

Qwilfish – Double-Edge

Heracross – Seismic Toss

Sneasel – Moonlight

Teddiursa – Sweet Scent

Swinub – Whirlwind

Remoraid – Amnesia, Mist

Delibird – Pay Day, Spikes

Mantine – Gust

Skarmory – Fury Cutter

Phanpy – Absorb

Stantler – Safeguard

Tyrogue – Rage

Smoochum – Metronome, Petal Dance

Elekid – Dizzy Punch, Pursuit

Magby – Feint Attack

Miltank – Mega Kick

Larvitar - Rage

Bulbasaur – Ancientpower

Charmander - Crunch

Psyduck - Petal Dance

Chikorita - Petal Dance

Totodile - Submission

Pichu - Sing, Petal Dance

Cleffa - Petal Dance

Igglybuff - Petal Dance

Smoochum - Petal Dance, Metronome

Wooper - Belly Drum

Phanpy - Encore

Butterfree – Morning Sun

Beedrill – Baton Pass

Pidgeotto – Refresh

Raticate – Refresh

Spearow – Refresh

Arbok – Refresh

Vulpix – Charm

Paras – Refresh

Venomoth – Refresh

Dugtrio – Charm

Meowth – Sing

Golduck – Charm

Primeape – Helping Hand

Growlithe – Charm

Poliwrath – Helping Hand

Weepinbell – Morning Sun

Rapidash – Baton Pass

Magneton – Refresh

Farfetch’d – Baton Pass

Seel – Helping Hand

Grimer – Helping Hand

Shellder - Refresh

Hypno – Baton Pass

Voltorb – Refresh

Exeggutor – Refresh

Marowak – Sing

Hitmonlee – Refresh

Hitmonchan – Helping Hand

Lickitung – Helping Hand

Dodrio – Baton Pass

Rhydon – Helping Hand

Chansey – Sweet Kiss

Tangela – Morning Sun

Starmie – Refresh

Mr. Mime – Follow Me

Scyther – Morning Sun

Magmar – Follow Me

Electabuzz – Follow Me

Pinsir – Helping Hand

Tauros – Refresh

Lapras – Heal Bell

Snorlax - Refresh

Articuno – Heal Bell, Extrasensory, Haze

Zapdos – Extrasensory, Metal Sound, Baton Pass

Moltres – Extrasensory, Morning Sun, Will-O-Wisp

Dragonite – Heal Bell

Ledyba – Refresh

Spinarak - Refresh

Togepi – Helping Hand, Tri-Attack

Natu – Baton Pass

Mareep – Heal Bell

Pineco – Refresh

Teddiursa – Refresh

Magcargo – Refresh

Swinub – Charm

Houndour – Charm

Lugia – Featherdance, Psycho Boost

Poochyena – Heal Bell

Seedot – Refresh

Swellow – Baton Pass

Ralts – Sing

Shroomish – Refresh

Makhuita – Refresh

Nosepass – Helping Hand

Delcatty – Sweet Kiss

Sableye – Helping Hand

Mawile – Sing

Manectric – Refresh

Roselia – Sweet Kiss

Gulpin – Sing

Carvanha – Refresh

Numel – Charm

Altaria – Heal Bell

Zangoose - Refresh

Lunatone – Baton Pass

Solrock – Baton Pass

Baltoy - Refresh

Banette – Helping Hand

Duskull – Helping Hand

Snorunt – Sing

Spheal – Charm

Salamence - Refresh

Nidoran (f) – Sucker Punch

Gastly – Sludge Wave

Koffing – Sludge Wave

Misdreavus – Inferno

Spinda – Superpower

Lunatone – Moonlight

Solrock – Morning Sun

Kecleon – Reflect Type

Banette – Cotton Guard

Pikachu - Celebrate, Hold Hands

Charizard - Hold Hands

Eevee & Eeveelutions - Celebrate

Celebi - Hold Back

Beldum - Hold Back

Rayquaza - V-Create

Victini - V-Create

Serperior - Hold Back

Emboar - Hold Back

Samurott - Hold Back

Vivillion - Hold Hands

Inkay - Happy Hour

Bulbasaur - Weather Ball, False Swipe, Block, Frenzy Plant

Charmander - Acrobatics, False Swipe, Block, Blast Burn

Squirtle - Follow Me, False Swipe, Block, Hydro Cannon

Pikachu - Fly, Extreme Speed, Sing, Teeter Dance

Eevee - Sing

Magikarp - Hydro Pump

Mewtwo - Heal Pulse, Hurricane

Sableye - Octazooka, Tickle

Deoxys - Nasty Plot

Rayquaza - V-Create

Jirachi - Draco Meteor, Meteor Mash, Follow Me

Piplup - Sing

Darkrai - Phantom Force

Arceus - Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon

Victini - Glaciate, Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare, Bolt Strike, Blue Flare

Audino - Present

Reshiram - Mist

Zekrom - Haze

Genesect - Shift Gear, Blaze Kick, Extreme Speed

Of course, this is all done manually and mistakes might have slipped in, so feel free to point them out.

If you know of any other events that introduced exclusive moves, those would be welcome as well.

So, if integrating them into the database isn't a hassle, would you be interested in seeing those moves become available in ASB?
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I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
It would be great to see these moves implemented.

A quick question, though; would the event moves available to pre-evolution? For example, would Mr. Mime's Mind Reader be available to Mime Jr?


Fire emblem is great
Should the Gotta Catch 'Em All stations really count? They were before Gen 3, after all, and the framework we're working with was established in gen 3. Kind of like not everything that learned the Pay Day TM in Gen 1 is allowed to use Pay Day.


blame telegram
Should the Gotta Catch 'Em All stations really count? They were before Gen 3, after all, and the framework we're working with was established in gen 3. Kind of like not everything that learned the Pay Day TM in Gen 1 is allowed to use Pay Day.
... Actually, everything that learned Pay Day in Generation I can use it in ASB. Bide is also like that, so I'm assuming that all Gen I TMs are accessible in ASB.

Lord of the Fireflies

Back in black.
Should the Gotta Catch 'Em All stations really count? They were before Gen 3, after all, and the framework we're working with was established in gen 3. Kind of like not everything that learned the Pay Day TM in Gen 1 is allowed to use Pay Day.
I'm pretty sure that every move available through TM in any generation the pokemon was in is available in ASB?

If it's not, I do think it should be. That is kind of the whole point of ASB, to give out as many tools as possible to make the battles more interesting. I don't think we should limit ourselves to Gen 3 moves onward, but then again I believe it is the community that should decide.

I would like to hear more of your point of view, though.

Lord of the Fireflies

Back in black.
It would be great to see these moves implemented.

A quick question, though; would the event moves available to pre-evolution? For example, would Mr. Mime's Mind Reader be available to Mime Jr?
To answer that, since the pokémon would never be able to learn the moves, in any way, it would indeed be an evolution-exclusive move.


oh man, good times.
Event moves haven't been added to the database because Zhorken wants to implement a way to see which moves have been newly-added first. Unfortunately I don't know when she might get around to that.


the fool
yesss, yesss, give my rex baby siiiing,

together he and I shall rule the world with his magnificent voiiiiiiice


groove out!
OH MAN I totally was going to do this before anxiety happened.

I forget if there was any conclusion re: whether or not they'd become useable in the middle of a round? Making them kick in starting next round sounds like a pain to coordinate (and like Eifie said it'd take some extra programming) but it would suck to write great commands and then have them torn apart by a move your opponent wasn't able to use when you wrote them. Also this isn't a one-time thing; the same issue will come up whenever a new game/pair of games comes out so I guess it's worth resolving now?

Lord of the Fireflies

Back in black.
Maybe have everyone know when you plan on implementing them so nobody's caught by surprise / everyone will wait for that day before posting any commands? idk


groove out!
... Ooh, that is a much easier idea and works pretty much just as well for the event moves. Might not work so well when new games come out but I guess I can cross that bridge when I come to it.

Lord of the Fireflies

Back in black.
Added some interesting events I missed the other time. I have the feeling there's a lot of events with exclusive moves and I can't find a place where they're all together, so I'll just add them as I go. Again, if you see any special event moves missing, just tell me.


groove out!
Yeah, I have like five sources for event moves at this point and I was planning on just combining all of them.