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Favorite Episode In Original and Johto?

I has none.

Plus my favorite is from Battle Frontier.

It has a scary picture though. O_O

The majority of that episode had scary pictures.

Shut it.
My favorite episode from the original is Erika's episode, Pokemon Scent-Sation! 8D I have the episode on my iPod, and I watch it every so often. =3
I liked the episode where Ash and company went to that lighthouse and thought Bill was a crazy evil giant Pokemon. And because of Bill's green hair.

Actually, I liked the first 12 episodes.


That one episode where Pikachu meets a load of other Pikas in the forest? THAT EPISODE MADE ME FEEL EMOTIONS SO THEREFORE IT IS GOOD.
Cyrus: *poofs out of nowhere* ...Dude. You're weak. *poofs away*
I've hardly seen any Johto episodes, so I can't really pick there, but my favorite Kanto episodes are probably the Sunken S.S. Anne/Island of the Giant Pokemon episodes and the Bill's Lighthouse episode.
I like the Bill's lighthouse episode because of the absurdly big Dragonite. Why was it so huge? o.o

I have a small theory about that. See, maybe the Dragonite in that episode was some strange, undiscovered, variation or mutation that made it huge and slightly different in other ways too. I think this makes sense because why would Bill, one of the supposed top experts on Pokemon, not recognize a Dragonite? Especially when the PokeDex itself acknowledges it's existence.* It's either that or Bill is a fraud.

Although a Dragonite that big would probably violate the Scale Law.

there are probably othjer ones i really liked that i can't remember now, but i think my favorite one in the first season was The Tower of Terror. you know, the one with gastly, haunter, and gengar. i thought and still do think that haunter was pretty much the awesomest pokemon ash ever had, even if it was only for a bit
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