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Game Queue Something


The Snomfather
She/Her or They/Them
Currently, i have no plans for mafia other than snom mafia, but once there would be an opening, i'd be down for making a new mafia game.


Mafia Lieutenant Overlord of Space
I assume that the smaller games will not drag on for 7-8 cycles
To make the games go by slightly faster, we can probably shorten nights to 24 hours?

Mr. Ultracool

Heart of the Cards, Yugi!
Who is allowed to host a game, by the way? Because I've got some ideas for set ups that should hopefully be fun to play during the rounds I've been in as a player.


resident soap eater
Ok so since the crowd overwhelmingly wants Out Of Context TVTropes Mafia Quotes Mafia, I'll probably put up signups once the actual game ends so that people can send me their favorite out of context quotes, because I've probably missed a lot of good ones in my skims through the thread. (I do have a lot of good ones bookmarked already, but I'd like moooooore)

It'll probably be a shenanigans game, fitting of the theme.


Mafia Lieutenant Overlord of Space
Making a bunch of progress!
These are the core mechanics that probably won't change

Rusty Guillotine X
[Featuring: Grand-Looking Title]

Setup Notes:
  • This game can take between 12 and 16 players.
  • This game uses a special lynch mechanic.
    • Whoever has the most votes at the end of the day is slated for execution.
    • They will die once the next person is slated for execution. (Usually at the end of the next day.)
  • This game has an oracle.
    • Each day, every player can vote on who to send to the oracle.
    • These votes are submitted through PMs, and cannot be changed once submitted. The votes will be revealed at the end of the day.
    • The player sent to the oracle will get a piece of information about the setup of the game. This information will be revealed publicly if they flip that night.
  • The informed minority faction(s) may or may not have factional kills, and they may have factional abilities other than kills.
    • All factional abilities can be preformed on top of existing abilities.
  • This game contains lies about core game mechanics, such as votes and flips.
    • There are no lies in any rolecards.
    • All lies are results of roles existing in the game.
    • All lies are distinguishable from truths in a consistent and deducible way.
  • The role flavor is based on my OC's, because why not.