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Greek Mythology Mafia [Cult Win!]


Night Zero
1. You may communicate out of thread.
2. You may not quote from your role PM.
3. You do not have to post in the discussion thread, but I would really like it if you did.
4. You get 3 (should be plenty) abstains as a group before a lynch target is selected randomly.
5. You may not post when you are dead. Effective as of October 28, 5:30 pm.

"Darker days are approaching!" declared the oracle of Apollo to the citizens of Olympus. "As it was foretold long ago: 'There will come a time when the Great Olympian gods themselves will be entangled in a vicious quarrel, and bloodshed will breed bloodshed.' Evil has crept in to these sacred grounds, and soon we shall find ourselves at civil war. Alas! A once noble Olympian has been corrupted, and such has been a gateway through which wickedness has come upon us!"

44 hours (until 8:00 on Saturday American central time) to submit actions.
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Re: Greek Mythology Mafia [Action-Phase 0]

Time passes and the words of Apollo's great oracle are all but forgotten. Perhaps, just this once, destiny would forgive, and fate would forget. If Oedipus were here, he'd know better.

No one died. 48 hours for discussion.
Re: Greek Mythology Mafia [Discussion-Phase 1]

...oooookay....abstain? we dont have any flavor text, no kills wer made, and we dont have a reason to be suspicious of anyone.
Re: Greek Mythology Mafia [Discussion-Phase 1]

Well, nothing happened and we don't know who anyone is. Abstain? :c
Re: Greek Mythology Mafia [Discussion-Phase 1]

oh right, gotta bold it. Abstain, unless someone has some info.
Re: Greek Mythology Mafia [Discussion-Phase 1]

...Durrr, this is exciting. Uh, abstain, I suppose.
Re: Greek Mythology Mafia [Discussion-Phase 1]

<3? What's with that?

Anyway, I suppose there aren't that many leads. Abstain.
Re: Greek Mythology Mafia [Discussion-Phase 1]

Re: Greek Mythology Mafia [Discussion-Phase 1]

Stop. we have to focus on the matter at hand.

which is nothing right now......=/
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