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I won a comic contest!

Vladimir Putin's LJ

your blood flows through my veins
A BUNCH OF STUFF HAPPENED i must keep the Internet informed.

So last Monday I participated in an eBay auction to buy a cool Putin painting and I won which was pretty cool.

But the best came on Tuesday.
I was getting in the car with my mum after the weekly visit at the psychologist when I remembered to ask my mother about <b>the newspaper</b>.
You see, about three or four months ago I entered a comic (manga) contest, because even though I was already losing interest in japanese comics by that time it was organized by Le Soir which is a super prestigious paper here in Chocoland. I worked around the clock for like a week and produced a farily mediocre bit of comicry, doing my best in the five-page limit. I decided to do a little story about a Paranoid Schizophrenic teenager who forgets to take his pills in the morning and all sorts of wacky nightmarish hallucinations occur, hence the title Pills.

So I ask my mum wether she'd gotten the paper since the results came out on that day, she said yes and I opened the Soir with my heart beating like a Jew outside a bank.
Then I promptly had a heart attack and died.

Me and my mother were shrieking louder than a teenage girl watching a live MCR concert for a good two minutes. You could say I was midly satisfied at having won the first prize in the 9-16 year olds. They put my cover picture on the front page for some reason, too.

They even misspelled my family name. I mean if that's not the best second newspaper time you can get then I don't know.

Also I'm out of school, passed the year pretty well and have bought a bunch of awesome books. Life's good.


「にがいのは いやだ」って…

That's epic! Sucks that they misspelled your name, but that's awesome~! CONGRATULATIONS



Back in action!

Wow, congratulations! I've entered quite a few contests myself (not from the newspaper, however) but have never won. That is amazing.
Congrats again ^^


World of Glass

Whoa, that's really cool! o.o You should scan it if you can; I'd love to see it, not only because it's a contest winner, but because the premise sounds really intriguing. ^^


Ben Wade's Assistant Coach

Congratulations! That sounds awesome! I agree that you should scan it if you can.


I am the man who arranges the blocks.

Awesome. :D I think I remember you posting it in your now-deceased art thread; forgot it was for a contest though. Congrats!

Also, what is the significance of them misspelling your last name? Or am I missing something fairly obvious here. Again. D:



Your artwork is very good, so there's nearly no suprise to me that you won. Seriously, artwork... great... arhghea.

Anyway, congratulations on making the newspaper! Even bigger congrats on winning! Do you get some kind of prize?

Yay, no more school! I'm out for a bit too, but then I have to go back in again after the holidays... It's not good. D:

Vladimir Putin's LJ

your blood flows through my veins

Everyone said:
Yo Srangy congrats
Oh you guys <3 thank you little droogies :D

Also, what is the significance of them misspelling your last name? Or am I missing something fairly obvious here. Again. D:
When I told my Improvisation teacher I'd won she was all 'yeah it's fun how often they misspell names in the paper, take it as a sign of honour that they messed up yours the first time :sunglasses:'
Yeah I do improv, theater AND drawing [/artfag]

Anyway, congratulations on making the newspaper! Even bigger congrats on winning! Do you get some kind of prize?
A BUNCH OF COOL STUFF. My height in comics (yeah okay manga but still) which is like 175 comics, a year of Kana goodies (Kana's the chief Japanese comic editor around here), a professional drawing kit by Pentel, a Clairefontaine Zap A3 sketchbook, a check of 80 € in comics and I think they're gonna publish my story along with the winner from the 17+ section's story in as an extra in a real comic.
feels good man.

Also my entry:

There's some French dialogue, but all you need to know is what's written on the note attached to the pill bottle:
'Don't forget to take your medicine! -Mama'
Also now that I look at it again it looks pretty stiff and shitty but I did re-do parts of the fourth and fifth page. hey're on my other PC though and I can't be bothered to go look for them right now :/

Lorem Ipsum

New member


Well done, it was really good. And whoahmygod, I can actually read the dialogue even if my French is pretty awful.