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IndigoEmmy vs myuma

Eif reminder:


Keldeo other Eifie reminder:


well, I can't ignore a call for Keldeoooo!

did the calcs, sent them to SS! you can still ping Keldeo though.

I can't help myself, sorry keldeo.

man. I have no excuses haha

Round Eleven

IndigoEmmy (1/3 left)
Ability: Big Pecks
Health: 77%
Energy: 85%
Status: ~This bird is on fiyaaaa~

myuma (3/3 left)
Ability: Snow Cloak
Health: 92%
Energy: 89%
Status: Looking mysterious in the snow. Surrounded by Aurora Veil (3 more actions). Burned (mild, 2% health/round, 0.75x base power for physical attacks).

solosis Konani, 70%H/40%E, 0 direct heals left
cottonee Silke, 8%H/27% E, burned (mild)


Aster flips his luxurious locks out of his eyes. This simply won't do. Calling on his mystical inner powers, he binds Cardinal's thoughts together, chaining them tight, and the little bird falters in the air. Cardinal cocks his head, an itching feeling of forgetting something making every feather stand up on end. Finally he figures it out - he can't call up his overwhelming fire! The itching continues and, in a bit of a panic, Cardinal thrashes out at the Vulpix blindly.

Snorting with contempt, Aster throws back his head and opens his mouth; a soft, twinkling bell sound emerges, sounding quite unnatural from a little white fox, but Aster closes his eyes with relief as the sound soothes his painful burns. Meanwhile, inside her pokeball, Silke shifts contentedly as her own burns are healed, as well. This sets off even more frustration in Cardinal, who again launches himself at Aster, bending feathers in the process of trying to peck Aster's eyes.

Aster's head drops then, eyes shaded, and suddenly the ice fox looks very sinister indeed. A whipping, frosty wind billows all around the stadium, carrying chunks of snow and ice into a blinding mass, tumbling out of control all throughout the room. It buffets Cardinal around like a puff of cotton, and the Fletchling shrieks as the icy wind bites into his skin. The blizzard sweeps him back around to Aster, and he launches another pelting hail of bird beak at him, the best he can do under such dire circumstances.

The blizzard subsides and Cardinal lands, trying to fluff his feathers out and look intimidating. Aster again swings his head, but the mysterious veil fades from around him just then, leaving him looking a little more ordinary.


IndigoEmmy (1/3 left)
Ability: Big Pecks
Health: 51%
Energy: 79%
Status: Gahhh!!!! Heat Wave disabled (1 more action).
Used: Struggle ~ Struggle ~ Struggle

myuma (3/3 left)
Ability: Snow Cloak
Health: 85%
Energy: 72%
Status: I am a prince of snow~~
Used: Disable ~ Heal Bell ~ Blizzard

solosis Konani, 70%H/40%E, 0 direct heals left
cottonee Silke, 8%H/27% E

Arena Status
  • There is a long gash in the roof of the dojo. Snow and hail are gathering on the edges of the debris-covered floor.
  • Staff are now scrambling to find space heaters for the audience, and are grumbling about how they should have taken the extended insurance on the building.
  • It is hailing (3 more actions).

Damage and Energy
  • Cardinal's Health: 77% - 1% (Struggle recoil) - 1% (Struggle recoil) - 20% (Blizzard) - 1% (Struggle recoil) - 3% (hail) = 51%
  • Cardinal's Energy: 85% - 2% (Struggle) - 2% (Struggle) - 2% (Struggle) = 79%
  • Aster's Health: 92% - 2% (Struggle) - 1% (burn) - 2% (Struggle) - 2% (Struggle) = 85%
  • Aster's Energy: 89% - 4% (Disable) - 4% (Heal Bell) - 6% (Blizzard) - 3% (Aurora Veil) = 72%

She's back!✨ I don't even care if i'm losing, welcome back myuma!

That said, i'm not wanting to lose. Spppaaaaaam heeeaaaat wavve. Then use heatwave to crash into a rafter and let it drop down onto aster.
Heatwave ~ Heatwave ~ Heatwave but crashing into a rafter for something that has a slim chance of working
ok so actually

since it has been literal months, I am going to remind @IndigoEmmy that Cardinal's Heat Wave is disabled for one more action and give her the chance to amend her commands

hope no one minds
cardinal scream loudly and get the hell out of there

ok how about... flame charge, three times. into the rafters. (oww)

Flame charge x3 but one of the flame charges is into a rafter
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